Sunday 23 October 2011

Getting new clothes

With getting my money for next month soon I'm trying to decide what new lolita clothes to buy. I want to get a new dress from mbok, but I should get some more basic stuff like blouses. And the question of what dress or what blouse to get comes to. To get a clear picture of what look I'm going for I made two style guides for myself. I find myself going for two styles, but both are kinda close since they both are sweet and pink. But I still think it helps.

I really like the hime look. I would like to have some more just really pink more old school sweet dresses, something that will drown me in lace, frill and ribbons. I think that the pinkxwhite combo looks very stylish and polished.

I also lovey dove love OTT sweet. Rainbows, ice cream and lots of cute. I like to mix in pop elements in lolita outfits to get it to a fairy kei flavor. Milky planet in pink is my all time dream dress. It would just be perfect! But as most AP-fags know its not the easiest to find and when found comes at a pretty step price. Im really trying to build up a bigger base so that I can have lolita everyday before I invest in any really expensive pieces. At the same time I'm also investing in clothes to my fairy kei wardrobe, good thing that most sweet lolita things work with fairy kei too, tehe.

Will update you later when I decide what I want to buy this month ^__^ kisses~~

Wednesday 19 October 2011

 I got a package a couple of days ago ^__^ containing Jewellery Jelly and a cute bonnet from angelic pretty. I bought it all from mbok using the shopping service japonica market, I'm really happy with them, So I can highly recommend them!


Today I had my new jewlry jelly :3