Saturday 31 January 2015

Angelic Pretty: Marine Kingdom

Another amazing print from Angelic Pretty, this one is called Marine Kingdom! The colors of the print are gorgeous and it comes both with ribbons and lots of extra details and more of a simple standard jsk. I'm not much for overskirt but I think it goes well with the theme. I really love the shoes with the stars in the middle, want those in every color because they are super cute! The purse with the big pearls looks really cute and fancy but I don't know if it will be comfortable or practical so I'm not going hunting for it. I think this dress is one of the better coming out, good going Angelic Pretty!

//Love Minty

Preppy Cute (x Barbie)

More cute Barbie clothes for the laforet Barbie event. The two top ones are by Dolly & Molly, the bottom dress is from OLIVE des OLIVE and the barbiedoll is by la belle Etude. I totally love the DM dresses, they would both be super cute for just casual outfits, the top left one is my favorite of the bunch! The dress for the Barbie doll is really adorable too.

//Love Minty

Feature: Deerstalker Pictures 2

What is Deerstalker Pictures 2? Good question! Its a YouTube channel that makes videos inspired by kawaii culture, ranging from funny skits to educational videos. The videos are made by Technotropism (Director) and Vysanthe (Cinematographer). Here's one of their videos:

Most Lolitas I know watch their videos and I think they have had a positive effect on the international Lolita community. They spend so much time making them and they are really good at it. They have started a Patreon and I think its a great idea, I personally at least want them to keep making videos. They give Lolita fashion a good image and if they get enough they will make a documentary, I for one really want that! So please support them, making videos takes a lot of time and money, even $1 makes a big difference if everyone gives that much. Don't you have that much to spare to get great content related to Lolita and kawaii culture? If you don't then share so that maybe someone else will contribute!

Here is a video where they talk about their Patreon:

//Love Minty

New Pictures of Angelic Pretty print!

New pictures of one of Angelic Pretty's upcoming prints! The name of the print is 'Belle Epoque Rose'. This amazing dress with a print that looks like it features rocking horses and flowers comes in this amazing princess cut OP. Cant wait until the release, this looks amazing. It was number 10 in my post about the upcoming Angelic Pretty prints. I love the lace detailing on the sleeves and the bonnet looks great too! All in all this looks like an awesome release!

//Love Minty

Lolita Coord Help: Basic color balancing

This is a simple way of color coordinating that works great for basic sweet coords. You always have to make sure that colors are balanced. One color for blouse, bag and socks and an other for shoes, dress and headbow. Think of the dress as the main color and the other colors are accents, we are now working with just one accent color to make it easy. 

Above you see a breakdown of the blocks for this coord. See how the both the main color and the accent color are in all the three blocks, it makes it look balanced. Its also good that the accent color breaks of the main color. Try to get the colors one after the other. Pink headbow, white blouse, pink dress, white bag, more pink dress, white socks, pink shoes. 
Here under you see some more examples with any colors than white as the accent also. I'm trying to make this as clear as possible so comment and ask if anything is unclear so that I can fix it. I will post more guides on how to do coords with multiple colors and much more.

//Love Minty

Baby the Stars Shine Bright x Alice in Wonderland

More collaborations coming out every day almost, Baby the Stars Shine Bright has done a new collection together with Disney's Alice in Wonderland! The print is cute but I'm not much for skirts. I'm more interested in the super cute accessories,  The purse and the round make up bag are some of my favorites!

//Love Minty

Nile Perch/Faline Tokyo x Barbie

Nile Perch and Faline Tokyo both made super cute sweaters with Barbie prints for the laforet x Barbie event! I think these would look really cute with Fairy Kei or just comfy casual for anyone who likes cute pastel clothes. The retro feel in the print makes them even more perfect for Fairy Kei. I definitely like these!

//Love Minty

Thursday 29 January 2015

Metamorphose x Barbie

Here we have Metamorphose's contribution to the laforet Barbie event! As usual Meta goes for a really different and bold direction. There is something really classy about the pale pink with black combination. All in all its a really cute set! I think the print might be a little bit too simple in the shapes, I personally prefer the Angelic Pretty dress. But then again I'm always in love with everything Angelic Pretty creates. What do you think of the dress? Would you buy it if you could? More Barbie designs to come! 

//Love Minty

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Laforet x Barbie

As I mentioned earlier there will be a Barbie event in laforet with 20 brands there doing collabs with Barbie, there seems to be some great stuff coming up for sales, so sad that it only will be sold there. But at least we get to see the cool designs different brands made. For those of you that don't know, Laforet is a huge shopping mall in Harajuku, they house a wide selection of brands and a lot of Lolita brands have their stores there. So its a must see if you go to Tokyo. Some of the brands are: Angelic Pretty, Baby the stars shine bright, metamorphose, Algonquins, h.Naoto, Emily Temple Cute, ghost of harlem, Swimmer and Super Lovers to name a few. Its interesting seeing brands taking the idea of Barbie and designing something that still fits their brands aesthetic. I will be posting more about the different Barbie designs so be sure to check bad for that!

//Love Minty

Baby the Stars Shine Bright x Barbie

Lots of entries in the Barbie trend, lolita brand Baby the Stars Shine Bright will be releasing a Barbie with lolita clothes for the Barbie in Laforet event. For only 12 000 yen this lolita Barbie can be yours if you can actually get to laforet. The event will take place 7 Feb to 1 Mar. 20 brands will be doing collaborations with Barbie.  I think the dress is really cute, can I have the same in people size please?

//Love Minty

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Btssb Thumbelina

Baby the stars shine bright will be releasing their new print Thumbelina soon, reservations stars tomorrow. I really like this dress, the print is very romantic with the flowers and I think it will look really summery. The colorways are really lovely and the darker one offers a really different look from the others.

What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments.
//Love Minty

Lolitas on Ice

I filmed a bit at the ice skating meet we had recently and made this video, I hope you like it. Please subscribe to my youtube channel and share the video with your friends!

//Love Minty

Sunny Day

Summery casual look for a day on town shopping. On trend and comfortable at the same time.

1. Yellow sweater - wildfox $106
2. Sunglasses - rayban $192
3. Phonecase - Malene Birger $36
5. light jeans - cheap monday $14
6. Yellow bag - Malene Birger $287

(if you wear this coord or something like it send it to me or write #mintycoord, and I might feature you!)
//Love Minty

Trend: Yellow

In a lot of different fashion show yellow has been coming up both as the main color of some amazing gown and as accent colors, it makes for a really fresh and summery look. Over you see looks from marc by marc jacobs, two looks from Karen Walker and the last two from Moschino. These looks all would work great for everyday looks. 

Here we have some more formal dressed up looks. The first one is a flowy dream from Chloé. The three other ones come from Diane von Furstenberg, her prints are amazing and the cuts look really now. I'm going to put together some coords with yellow as the main color, so be sure to check back!

//Love Minty

Milky Cross

Last weekend Angelic Pretty released Milky Cross and as expected it sold out right away, no wonder since its a gorgeous dress! Here's some pictures to drool over!

//Love Minty

Angelic Pretty x Barbie

Speaking of Barbie trends Angelic Pretty just announced that they are releasing a special colab Barbie dress. Too bad from anyone outside of Japan since its a LaForet special, but hey, a girl can dream! This dress is delightful in its simplicity.

//Love Minty

Sunday 25 January 2015

I attended HCA lolita ice skating meetup

Little sneak peek! made this for the ice skating meetup, but for what? Show up and you will see. I'm really looking forward to the meetup, I'll make sure to take lots of photos to post here. Also after the meet I'm going to my babydoll's birthday bash. Its going to be a great Sunday!

//Love Minty

Saturday 24 January 2015

Print Making

Working on some ideas for prints and made this, pretty happy with the general look of it. Its supposed to be twiggy, I think I will add some kind of text to it also! 

//Love Minty

Friday 23 January 2015

Basic Make-up Tutorial

Made this basic make-up tutorial of my daily make-up. I know the lights a bit bad and the music a bit loud, but hope its still okay! Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel!
//Love Minty

Casual Cute Barbie

Cute and casual barbie look, mixing Moschino with some fairy-kei brands.

1. Barbie sunglasses - Wildfox $189
2. handmirror Phonecase - Moschino $52
3. Logo Knit - Moschino $750
4. pastel shorts - milklim $44
5. comfy shoes - Vans $92
6. pastel heart backpack - ManiaQ $34

(if you wear this coord or something like it send it to me or write #mintycoord, and I might feature you!)
//Love Minty

Trend: Moschino Barbie Look

Spring is coming so I will be posting my favorites from spring/summer fashion shows and some trends that I've been seeing. Starting with my favorite collection: Moschino. They have really went for doing their own thing and the Barbie look they went for is amazing! With stunning colors and all around just really fun and happy! If I could pick any item from this collection it would be the pink knitted sweather dress with the Moschino logo in Barbie style font all over it. I'm in love. 

There is really whimsy and joy all throughout the fashion show! Designer of this collection Jeremy Scott was quoted as saying  "Like every girl and gay boy, I loved Barbie,". The big blonde wigs and bubblegum pink lipstick really adds to the barbie feel. I really hope this catches on so that cheaper chains will pick up the trend of the barbie style.

Amazing collection with lots of colors and creative cuts, there is a lot of variation. My favorite ones are the pink but there was much of other neon colors also! I'm going to try and do some coords with items from this collection but also try and do cheaper options that still has the barbie feel to it. This collection is so inspiring.

//Love Minty

Thursday 22 January 2015

Who needs a boyfriend?

I found the t-shirt I wanted to make a really sassy outfit with it. This would be a really comfy outfit for those days you just want to be left alone but still look fabulously badass.

1. Beanie - NLY $10
3. NO pin - EyeCandy $3
4. Comfy knit cardigan - Monki $37
5. Black jeans - Cheap Monday $19
6. Sassy T-shirt - PINK $27
7. Ribbon shoes - Irregular Choice $20
8. Black Handbag - Love Moschino $252
9. F*ck off  pin - EyeCandy $18

(if you wear this coord or something like it send it to me or write #mintycoord, and I might feature you!)
//Love Minty

Brand Feature: Irregular Choice

"Irregular Choice was created by Dan Sullivan in 1999 as a reason to stand out from the crowd. 
Dan saw that the footwear market was becoming very neutral and black, yet there was a global demand for something different and individual, something to wear with pride."

I first stumbled upon Irregular Choice on my trip to London, I was just there on my own exploring and living in hostels for a week. I found this rather odd and colorful shoe store wandering around and I'm kinda automatically drawn to colors. They had amazing shoes then and they still continue to amaze. I talked to a nice girl that worked there who told me that she also dresses in Lolita so we talked for a while. She told me that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu had been there while she was working and showed me which shoes she had picked. Above you can see some of their red shoes that I really like, of these number 5 and 6 are my favorites!

They have shoes with all kinds of themes, colors and shapes. I picked out some of the nice pastel shoes that I found on their webpage. I think the colorful dinosaur print is genius, it looks great with the mint details. They really put time into all the shoes, there are just so many amazing details.

I really love the clunky big patchwork sneakers, though I don't really know what I would wear them with. I should try and make a coord with them! The colorful bows on the heals look stunning. They also have a wide range of the flat shoes in different colors, they are a bit cheaper but still catch the feel of whimsy. 

And if colorful is not your thing they still have a wide selection of interesting and elegant darker colored shoes. They are still just as detailed as the precious showed shoes. These are some of my favorites!

If you like any of these shoes they are all from Irregular Choice!
Hope you enjoyed this brand feature, let me know if you think I should do more like this!
//Love Minty

Retro Sugar

Simple cute and feminine outfit in pretty pastels.

1. Blue Coat - H&M $85
2. Retro Dress - kokokim $73
3. Duralia Phonecase - Malene Birger $37
4. Abigails Party heels - Irregular Choice $136
5. Cat Tights - $10
6. Bunny Pins - ManiaQ $7
7. Bunny Totebag - Nile Perch $33

(if you wear this coord send it to me or write #mintycoord, and I might feature you!)
//Love Minty

Your princess is in this castle

In the light of Club Nintendo coming to an end I though I would make a series of Nintendo themed outfits for those who feel they want more Nintendo in their life while still being stylish and cute!

I wanted to make a peach look that is a really cute and frilly lolita outfit. I added the blue jewelry to make it look like peach. If this type of look is not for you then just check back, I will be posting a more casual princess peach look soon!

1. Lovely necklace - Angelic Pretty $35
2. Victorian Princess dress - Angelic Pretty $532
5. Abigails Party heels - Irregular Choice $136
6. Heart bag - Angelic Pretty $90
7. Lovely ring - Angelic Pretty $17

(if you wear this coord send it to me or write #mintycoord, and I might feature you!)
//Love Minty