Wednesday 17 December 2014

Wearing Lolita in Public

I made a video about wearing lolita in public, I hope you like it!

Circle Lens Review: EOS Ice Green

Review of  EOS Ice Green from PinkyParadise!

Color Rating: natural
I really love the color on these, it really mixes well with my hazel eyes! the best thing is that the trasistion is really smooth so you cant see where the lenses ens and my eye color begins which gives them a nice natural look. I recommend them if you want a eye color that pops but still looks pretty natural. 

Comfort rating: Don’t even feel them
I’ve been wearing these lenses for the last few months and they are still perfectly comfortable, they are really soft. I can wear them all day without even feeling that they are there!

Overall rating: Lovely
I really like these lenses, so much that I got them in the blue color also! They are on 50% sale right now so I totally recommend them. I think they go best with brown or hazel eyes.
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(please read this wear and care guide before using circle lenses)