Monday, 28 December 2015

Lolita Coording Guide [3]

angelic pretty lolita fashion outfit help by mintyfrillsangelic pretty lolita fashion outfit help by mintyfrills

We continue coording game this time with Angelic Pretty's Melody Toys. Above you see the same style of coording that I showed you with Toy Parade in the first part. Again we check what colors we find in the print. This is a three color print, it has pink, yellow and sax. The mint color is just past of the mint colorway and you can't find it in the other colorways. This means the mint colorway will give you an additional color too coordinate the dress with even though its hard to coordinate mint with sax because the are not contrasting colors (still worth a try!). When you are buying dresses try check what colors are in the print because these are most of the time pretty easy to coord with. See what can match with what you have.

Bellow you see the three color coording style that I showed you in the second part. As pink and yellow are in the print in both the colorways below it works with both! You might of notices that when coording with two colors the shoes are the same color as the dress, but not when with three colors. That's because you want to try and balance the colors and try to not have the same color beside itself.

angelic pretty lolita fashion outfit help by mintyfrillsangelic pretty lolita fashion outfit help by mintyfrills

//Love MintyFrills

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Brand Feature: Moon Bunny

Moon Bunny is cute jewelry brand based in Russia, they make super cute accessories that go perfectly with cute pastel fashions. Everything is handmade by Veronica and Tatiana, two lovely ladies that I have had the joy to meet at events several times. I bought several cute items from them when I saw them at NärCon last summer. They both make items of clay and really sweet soft plush type items. I think they are so creative, I haven't seen anyone else make the same items!

kawaii fairy kei accessories cute mintyfrills moon bunny moonbunny

I totally recommend you checking them out, they have so many perfectly sweet items in their shop. The charm bracelet  has such perfect little details, like having a tiny cookie at the end of the chain. The bears with wings look like they would go perfect with a lot of Angelic Pretty's recent prints like Milky Cross. 

kawaii fairy kei accessories cute mintyfrills moon bunny moonbunnykawaii fairy kei accessories cute mintyfrills moon bunny moonbunny

The phone case is so detailed and you can really tell they made all the parts instead of just using bought cabochons. Space themes are always really cute and the beat in a space rocket is super cute too. It would be really cute with uchuu kei!

kawaii fairy kei accessories cute mintyfrills moon bunny moonbunnykawaii fairy kei accessories cute mintyfrills moon bunny moonbunny

Their soft plushes are so cute too, I feel like they put a twist on popular accessories from chocomint but made in a very own and unique way. You can always tell right off when something is made by them because they have their own style.

 kawaii fairy kei accessories cute mintyfrills moon bunny moonbunnykawaii fairy kei accessories cute mintyfrills moon bunny moonbunny

Some of their newest items are mermaid themed and I think they would go perfect with Dream Marine and Marine Kingdom. The idea of making a bunny into a mermaid is great! Doing a clay part instead of having a regular pin is a nice change up.

kawaii fairy kei accessories cute mintyfrills moon bunny moonbunny

All together I think they make amazing stuff and its always awesome to support crafters that are also into the fashion themselves. So be sure to check out their online store here.

kawaii fairy kei accessories cute mintyfrills moon bunny moonbunny

//Love Mintyfrills

Monday, 21 December 2015

Lolita Coording Guide [2]

Angelic pretty lolita fashion kawaii mintyfrillsAngelic pretty lolita fashion kawaii mintyfrills

Continuing on coording with Angelic Pretty's dress Toy Parade (first part here!). Here are some simple ways to turn it into a three color coord. I think the most simple way to spread the colors evenly is to make the shoes and bag the same color and then have the blouse and socks be the same, as you can see in my examples. I think this really makes the coord stand out, I love doing three color coords! We are still sticking to the colors that are in the palette from the print. Getting a new set of blouse and socks in the same color can give you so many new coording options for a relatively cheap price tag. This is an other reason that I prefer to have a jsk instead of the op, it just leaves you with so many more options.  

Try finding more accessories in the color palette that you have picked and try to spread out the colors as well as you can. Like having the lavender rosette pin on the top of the jsk makes a world of difference, this one is from EyeCandy. I think coording with yellow and lavender like bellow makes for a really interesting coord! 

Angelic pretty lolita fashion kawaii mintyfrills

//Love Mintyfrills

Angelic Pretty: Winter coats

angelic pretty winter coat lolita fashion mintyfrillsangelic pretty winter coat lolita fashion mintyfrills

Its getting cold outside and its starting to get well in time to get a warm jacket to have with your lolita clothes. There are many different styles to chose that suit different types of dresses, here are some from Angelic Pretty. My favorite style is coats that are a bit shorter like the ones above. They go with many different styles of dresses and you can still see the dress you are wearing underneath. An other good thing is that they are easier to use with other styles of clothes. The poncho under to the right also works with many kinds of clothes but it can look a bit bulky. If you like dresses with a high waist or a free waist then the coat under to the left would suit that style. I like this one, its simple but really pretty. It could work with more regular clothes though I think it would look a little bit flat.

angelic pretty winter coat lolita fashion mintyfrillsangelic pretty winter coat lolita fashion mintyfrills

An other style of lolita jackets is the one underneath that has a waist and covers the whole skirt. This one is extra extravagant and detailed, it looks very fancy and cute. It can look really pretty when you have a really poofy dress under but I don't like that it looks like you are wearing the same thing everyday when you are outside. An other drawback is that it looks really bad with regular clothes or even if you just have a bit less fluff it can look pretty deflated. An other thing is that when you take it off and have to carry it around it will be really bulky and heavy. Though I still think its really cute.

angelic pretty winter coat lolita fashion mintyfrills

//Love Mintyfrills

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Royal Princess Alice: Twinkle Snow Carnival

royal princess alice

Royal Princess Alice has a new print called Twinkle Snow Carnival. I think it looks like a boring winter version of Castle Mirage. The characters on the print look so tacked on since they are in a compleatly different style than the rest of the print and I feel like there is something off with them. I think the whole print would of been better without them altogether if they are not going to match the style of the castle. The name of the brand in the print looks so pasted on there that I looked at different pictures to be sure that it was actually on the print and not just on these pictures. The scale if way too big for the cut since it barely fits onto the dress. The part above the boarder is really really boring, they could of just had it be a night sky with snowflakes falling down and it would of looked much better. I wish they would at least have a more interesting cut, this just leaves no room for coording it creatively. I'm not really impressed.

royal princess alice lolita print

//Love Minty

Lolita Coording Guide [1]

angelic pretty toy parade coord lolita fashion

A lot of Lolitas fall into the habit of wearing the set and just sticking to that same cookie cutter outfit. But there is so much more you can do to make your dress feel more versatile. I'm going to show a bunch of ways how to coord this same dress, in this post I will keep it simple with two color coords. When deciding what color to have with your print dress first look at what colors it has in the print. Toy Parade has mint, pink, lavender and yellow in the print. This makes it very easy to coord with those colors as you can see on the picture below. When the bag, socks and blouse have the same color the coord will look balanced. And I think the color that contrasts to the dress looks much more interesting than just wearing a white blouse. 

angelic pretty toy parade coord lolita fashionangelic pretty toy parade coord lolita fashionangelic pretty toy parade coord lolita fashion

//Love Minty

Friday, 18 December 2015

Angelic Pretty: Magical Princess

angelic pretty magical princess lolita fashion new release

So the spring collection with more cute pastels keeps coming, this print is called 'Magical Princes'. I think its cute from what I can see, its nice that it comes in yellow and I can't wait to see the other colorways! The cuts are different but still simple, I like the jsk but the OP looks a bit weird. Like those blouses with detachable sleeves when you have the sleeves on. Awaiting more updates about it!

//Love Minty

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Lolita Feels [1]

all the things kawaii cute accesories sweet ott

How I've been feeling lately when I'm coording, please can OTT sweet come back?

new print lolita fashion sweet kawaii

How does one even get a hold of a new AP print, everything sells out in the first hour.

angelic pretty lolita fashion fairly odd parents meme

Can I please have Wrapping heart now? I have a spot in my closet with its name on it.

meme brands, angelic pretty kawaii cute, fashion

So they go forever not releasing anything you want when you have money, then later when you are broke AF then you want ALL THE THINGS.

lolita feels meme fashion fail

Some people never learn...

lolita meme chocolate rosette release kawaii cute bad luck brian

How many of you have been feeling like this with the new rerelease of Chocolate Rosette? Sometimes I feel lucky the prints I like are not as popular anymore.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Angelic Pretty: 2016 Lucky Packs!

Here is Angelic Pretty's lucky packs! 

The print is called Whip Factory and I think it is really cute, it will probably look even cuter in real life. The cakes are pretty and look pretty creative, not just like a copypaste of earlier prints. The Black colorway is as always really harsh, though I like that the bottom part is lavender and pink candy striped. I wish the pink colorway would of had more contrasting candy striped but I think that's more a personal preference as I like high contrast dresses. The pink and sax bottom on the sax dress is quite cute. The little miniature animals around the cakes are pretty.

I don't really like the salopette, as I have said before they are often in that in between length. Its too short to be a proper lolita dress and its too long to be a comfy casual look. The pink jsk is my favorite cut, I like the higher waist and it gives enough space for this print since the boarder is pretty covering. Its simple and lovely. The sax jsk I'm not really sure of, its not bad but I don't really like it all that much, I feel like the middle seam is unnecessary and just cuts off the print, the front lacing just looks cheap. Other than that its pretty cute.

Other pieces:
I like that the cutsew for the salopette set has a collar, even if its simple it still makes it more useful. The socks are really cute in the pink color, I love that they put sax detailing on them.The Blouse is the same basic blouse they have every year. As you all might know I don't really like basic coording with white, its really boring. But of course you can coord the dress with whatever you want. I wish they would of maybe made the jacket a little bit more interesting. It also is the same jacket they always have. I find it weird that a purse is no longer included, why not?

They also have the basic set that I think is awesome for a lolita that is starting out, it has a nice old school feel and comes at a really good price!

I still haven't decided if I want one of the sets but it is really cute.
//Love Minty

Angelic Pretty: Chocolate Rosette

They are doing a rerelease of Chocolate Rosette, a lot of people seem to be happy about this. It's been quite overpriced second hand so I think this is really good even though its not at all a dress I would want. They have also added a pink colorway, I don't much care for it at all. This will probably sell out right of anyways!

//Love Minty

Video: Frillfest

My video from the main event at Frillfest, I will try and finish the one from the teaparty soon. I really hope you like the video and please share it with your friends also! <3

//Love Minty

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Angelic Pretty: Merry Bunny

I posted about this dress a few weeks ago and thought it looked cute so I'm happy I can see it properly now! I think this is really cute and goes with the season.

This is really a Christmas print, which is nice in December but can feel out of place the rest of the year. It reminds me a lot of toy march and holy night story, I feel like if you have one Christmas print why do you even need an other one? I think its funny that they got the plushes pants in this one, people commented a lot on the lack of pants on toy march.They are cute and all but I think they look dead inside. I think the print over the boarder is really lazy, its pretty boring and I think the scale should of been bigger because the scale of the boarder is pretty big. The colorways are pretty nice though.

The cuts
I think they are okay, they could be better. The op is pretty cute but that type of op doesn't leave much room for creative coording. The marching band style top is cute on the op but I don't like the weird line down the middle on the jsk. also the part on the hip on the jsk is just kinda weird. The top would be better in the style of holy night story. I don't really like the salopette, its in that weird not full length and still not casually short. And the print looks like it barely fits on there.

I think its kinda okay, there are many older Christmas prints that I would rather have. So I give this print a 2/5 cookie hearts

//Love Minty

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Angelic Pretty: Baked Sweets Parade

Another dress from Angelic Pretty's next collection! This one features cute donuts.~

I like that AP has been moving away from every print being a boarder print because it allows for more interesting cuts. I'm sure this remind many of creamy donut but I think this one has a lot more cute look while creamy donut is more toned down. The scale of the donuts makes the print a lot less messy. I love that some of the donuts have the text 'eat me' on them, gives a bit of Alice in Wonderland feel.

The Cut
Since I only have this one picture right now I can only comment on the jsk, but I would say that I like it. I'm always a fan of big ribbons, but I don't know about the lace trim. Can't wait to see the other cuts and colorways!

I must say that I love the hat, silly hats is one of my favorite things and I'm really hoping that they are selling it and not just have it for the fashion show. They seem to have used some of the creamy donut accessories so we will see if the release matching items.

My rating at this point is 3/5 hearts

//Love Minty

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Angelic Pretty: Top 10 Favorite Prints 2015

There has been a lot of interesting prints coming out this year so I thought I would pick my top 10 favorite Angelic Pretty prints of 2015! I'm not counting rereleases, so misty sky and holy lantern wont be on this list. Hope you like my picks and feel free to tell me what your favorite was!

10: Horror Garden
This print was released around Halloween and it was just perfect for that time of the year. This is my favorite colorway, I love the white with black trims. Black with white trim is so common so the inversion is really nice, reminiscent of the white holy lantern colorway. 

9: Marine Kingdom
A lot of people were exited about Angelic Pretty releasing a mermaid print, its really cute even though its a bit messy. Definitely looks better in real life though! This cut is really pretty too and I like the pearl details.

8: Melty Berry Princess
I have always loved strawberry prints, it might have something to do with having the nickname 'Ichigo' for five years. So this is actually the only print on the list that I actually bought because it was available when I was in Finland for the Lolita convention Hellocon. It looks super sweet and I love it!

7: Luminous Sanctuary
I think this dress has a simple elegance too it. This high contrast colorway is also super pretty. The Pegasus are really cute.

6: British Bear
I think this print looks perfect for the fall and winter season. The plaid reminds me of punk style, extra much with the yellow special set that the released later. Its cute and I can just imagine all the pretty coords with this.

5: Dream Marine
Marine themes have been popular this year and there are so many creative coords that have been made with it. This print is super cute and I understand why it was so popular!

4: Fantastic Carnival
Carnivals are always cute and I love the contrast between the sax and pink. The animals are really cute and its cool that the used other ones than ponies. I feel like one could make amazing ott coords with this dress and I really want it for that reason!

3: Milky Cross
I love that this dress has such a soft feel to it. Most of the time I don't like sheer overlays but it just looks perfect with this print. I also love the big ribbon flowing down.

2: Cherry Marguerite
This print just makes me think of summer, the white and red combo looks amazing. It makes me want to go to a lovely Lolita picnic in the sunshine.

1: Wrapping Heart
I don't think that its a big surprise that this is my favorite. I love coording with three colors and this is perfect to go with my three favorite ones mint, pink and lavender! I even like the high waist on this OP but the jsk's look perfect too. I love all the colorways and cant wait to find it on the secondhand market once I have the money for it!