Friday 27 November 2015

Video: Can I be a magical girl now?

Welcome to my second youtube channel, where we ask the hard questions.

//Love Minty

Angelic Pretty: British Bear 'special set'

Angelic Pretty is releasing a special set of British Bear in two additional colorways! What do you think of the colorways? I think the yellow one could make a super cool punk lolita outfit!

//Love Minty

Thursday 26 November 2015

Outfits: Uchuu Kei

Uchuu kei is a Japanese street style that is a bit like fairy kei and pop kei with a space and futurism theme. Also instead of taking inspiration from the 80s, Uchuu kei takes inspiration from the 90s.(Think only 90s kids will remember type 90s!)  I really love this style and Have been trying out some outfits that I'm pretty happy with. 

kawaii fashion cute mintyfrills minty frills

Overalls: Milklim
Shoes: Doc Martens
Cap: Pokemon
Accessories: 6%DOKIDOKI and Angelic Pretty

kawaii fashion cute mintyfrills minty frills

Top: cyberdog
Backpack: claires
Fannypack: glitter
Skirt: topshop
Shoes: doc martens
Stockings: angelic pretty
Outerwear: super lovers

kawaii fashion cute mintyfrills minty frillskawaii fashion cute mintyfrills minty frills
Dress: Nellys
jacket: kokokim
stockings: Angelic Pretty
shoes: doc martens
bag: claires
necklaces: 6%dokidoki

//Love Minty

Wednesday 25 November 2015

Angelic Pretty: Lady Christine

Fresh new on the Angelic Pretty online store is the 'Lady Christine' OP. It has a lovely princess feel that I more often expect from btssb. That said I really like it. They also released a matching bonnet, and you all know I love my bonnets. If you want this dress it will set you back 47,304 yen +10,584 yen for the bonnet. What do you all think of this dress? Lacemonster or perfect princess? I like the fancy princess sleeve OP's but I find them kinda boring to coord. 

//Love Minty

Video: Lookbook 1

Finally finished and uploaded my lookbook video! I had a lot of fun making this so I hope you like it! It would make me really happy if you would share it with your friends. heart emoticon

//Love Minty

Angelic Pretty: New store in Kyoto!

Angelic Pretty recently opened a new store and its just as cute as all their other ones!! Wanted to share the pictures with you because its just so cute. I wish my bedroom looked like this, heck I wish my whole apartment look like this!! (With all the dresses too ofc!)

Hope you like all the pictures and that you feel inspired for some home decoration perhaps. :)

//Love Minty

Monday 23 November 2015

Angelic Pretty: New Print Coming!

New toy print with a Christmas feel to it coming out soon from Angelic Pretty! I think this one is much more sweet than chess emblem and British bear even though this one also comes in a bit darker colorways. It reminds me a bit of Toy March and Holy Night Story! I think it's a really cute dress that would be perfect for the holidays! I would think that this will sell out really quickly so be prepared once it releases!

//Love Minty

Sunday 22 November 2015

Angelic Pretty: 6 non print OP's available now!

With prints selling out on the first day I would like to share some really cute OP's that are not sold out at the moment! Angelic Pretty really have some adorable non print dresses also and I think people miss them a lot. The two dresses above are sooo cute and fluffy, I really like the trend of more sheer fabrics being used. And the cuts are really cute.

Here are the link for them:

The yellow x pink combination looks really sweet and different, this color combo should be used more! I love all the little ribbons. The second one above looks really fancy and could be coorded a bit more classic too. The blue colorway has a really soft feel.

To the left is a more casual type of cut that I think can be coorded really cute with some splashes of color! The last one is really interesting, I look forward to seeing it irl, it looks a little bit maid/Alice like, but I think it really depends on how you coord it. 

//Love Minty

Making a Lookbook video!

Making my first lookbook video, I really hope it turns out good and that people like it, these are the four looks that I will be showing! I tried to make a nice background in my room also! I'm really happy with all the looks.

I also made a vlog while we were making the video that I uploaded to my new second youtube channel! I hope you watch the video and go follow me there!

//Love Minty

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Angelic Pretty: Twinkle Sky

Another sky themed print from Angelic Pretty, It's really cute and I think it would be great for more casual coords. I really love the blue colorway, I think it could look really cool! Look forward to seeing outfits with this one.

//Love Minty

Sunday 15 November 2015

Angelic Pretty: Chess Emblem

Angelic Pretty have made a new print featuring chess motifs, continuing in the fall colors. It reminds me of Wonder Queen and I think this might be pretty popular, so if you want to get it you better be ready right when it goes up because it wont be there for long. I like the military feel that it has, I think the navy colorway is my favorite though all of them look quite nice. The big ribbon is a nice touch! What do you think of this new print? I made a collage of the pictures I found of it. 

//Love Minty

Video: Mystery Mail??

New video up on my channel where I open a package and talk about Japanese auctions and shopping services! Hope you like this video, please comment and let me know what kind of videos you want me to do in the future!

//Love Minty

Friday 13 November 2015

Angelic Pretty: British Bear

The next upcoming release from Angelic Pretty is British Bear and will be up in the store tomorrow (14/11). The print comes in pretty dark colors but I feel like it would look really cute for Christmas. My favorite pick would be the OP in red! As you all probably understand this isn't totally my style but I still think it looks really cute. I can't wait for spring to come around so that there will be things more in my taste in stores generally.

//Love Minty

Thursday 12 November 2015

Angelic Pretty: Dreamy Jewel

Angelic Pretty just released Dreamy Jewel. I must say I don't quite like this print, the colors are dull and the print looks super messy. The cuts that it comes in are pretty uninspired too. Though I think that its a dress that will look a whole lot better irl, but its still not my cup of tea. At least the print looks better in the closeups.

//Love Minty

Black x Lavender lolita outfit

Outfit from a few weeks ago, I really love mixing black and lavender, it really goes great together. And I love my new wig from wigaholics! I made this dress myself, I'm really happy with it. Hope you like my outfit, I'm going to try to be more active here in the future!

//Love Minty

Thursday 5 November 2015

Asperger Friends [aspie vlog 2]

Made a new video about aspergers I really hope you like it and share it with other people. I think everyone should know more about it!

//Love Minty