Thursday 30 August 2012

Angelic Pretty Toy Parade OP review

I just ordered the Toy Parade OP in mint from Angelic Pretty's overseas shop. So I thought Id do a review of it. :)

The overseas page is easy to navigate, its simple to calculate the shipping fee and nothing makes it a hassle. The only pay method available is Paypal, which is just fine by me since its a simple way to pay. There was always status information on the payment being confirmed and later on the tracking number for the package. They send the package with EMS so it arrived later the same week after being sent. I was unlucky and got insane customs fee's. But not much to do about that.

The dress arrived in a pink soft plastic package. Inside the dress was in a plastic dress cover and on a black hanger. There was also a pink Angelic Pretty plastic bag folded up in the package. Aside from folding marks, the dress was in perfect condition and just amazingly lovely, as always from AP.

The dress is really cute! The print is perfectly cute and clear, the main colour of the dress was more bright than I expected, which I only think is a good thing. Its a really pop looking bright coloured dress that stands out. Considering size I would advice caution, as it has no shirring whatsoever and if one is a little to big it would be really uncomfortable around the neck as I can easily see it being a bit snug around there. Luckily it fit me like a glove, but one centimetre less and Id be in trouble!

I hope this has been helpful for people thinking about ordering! :)