Sunday, 28 February 2016

Fashion Valentine: Cadney

kawaii sweet lolita fashion mintyfrills cute

My fashion valentine this week is Stephanie Christina, known online as Cadney. She is from Toronto in Canada and been in the fashion for a long time. She was one of the people that inspired me to get into lolita fashion with her adorable ott sweet coords. I always loved dressing in a lot of colors with lots of accessories and she showed that all that also could be a part of lolita. Go follow her on instagram and tumblr for more fantastic outfit picture.

kawaii sweet lolita fashion mintyfrills cutekawaii sweet lolita fashion mintyfrills cute

Cadney had a great sense of color balancing, every part of her outfits feels so thought out. Like in the left she picks out all the colors from the print and uses them in her accessories. On the left I love that she sticks to the theme of Dream Marine. Both the obvious seashell bag and necklace but I also think the fabric of the blouse being sheer gives a really nice feel of water that just ties it together so well. Also I must say that she makes her glasses go perfect with the outfits. 

kawaii sweet lolita fashion mintyfrills cutekawaii sweet lolita fashion mintyfrills cute

No matter what the color of the dress she always perfectly matches the colors. Every outfit I see her in feels so thought out, like every detail has been carefully planed. Like on the left she has the red, blue and white from the outfit. But also adds small black bows because there are black details in the print. Such perfect attention to detail.

kawaii sweet lolita fashion mintyfrills cutekawaii sweet lolita fashion mintyfrills cute

I love any coord she does with Milky Planet (seen above) and it became my dream dress because of the outfits I saw her making with them. I get so inspired by any outfit she posts and it makes me want to do better too! Cadney has been such a huge inspiration for me since I started lolita and last year I finally got to meet her face to face. It was really amazing, she is such a wonderful person. She does a lot for her local lolita community and really cares about others. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me for so many years and I hope to meet you again one day.

kawaii sweet lolita fashion mintyfrills cute
me and Cadney <3

//Love Mintyfrills

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Lolita Feels [2]

I made some memes to express my lolita feels. I hope you like them. If you want you can make your own and I will share them here next Saturday!

beyonce derp

Like when you are at conventions and people take your picture and later you see yourself tagged on fb looking like shit. Everytime.

being broke angelic pretty sad kenue reves

So this is going to be the whole spring for me, they are releasing soo many amazing dresses and I wont be able to buy any of them.

finding your dream dress mintyfrills angelic pretty

And then when you finally have money to buy a dress you ofc can't find the dress that you want. I've been looking for the mint wrapping heart jsk forever now.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Video: Wearing Decora in Public!

I had lots of fun at the harajuku fashion walk in Göteborg, it was nice meeting everyone. I hope you enjoy the video I made! Its a bit late but I'm finally done with the video. <3

mintyfrills kawaii cute

//Love Mintyfrills

My thoughts on self improvement

I hate that when I say that I have inner problems of self confidence or that I want to improve on myself in any way then people just start saying that I 'shouldn't listen to what other people say and that I'm fine the way I am.' That's really nice and all but its kinda missing the point, because it doesn't matter what other people think but that's not part of the problem. I have goals and I prioritize self control and self discipline in myself, which makes me very disappointed when I can't achieve goals that I set out for myself. Its even less about the goals and me not doing my best and giving up on things I want to do, like I would be okay if I didn't reach my goal but I still stuck to it and did my best.

Like right now I want to get in shape before I go to California and I've set a pretty hard to reach goal, that said as long as I stick to the diet and exercise plan I will not be disappointed. I have always felt a lack of control in so many areas of my life that loosing my grip of the ones I do control feels really bad. It's not about being skinny. Yes I've gained weight while on sick leave and of course that bothers me, but its a lot about feeling tired and weak at the same time. I gained weight because I stopped getting out and exercising. I don't feel like myself.

I posted recently about feeling like my Lolita outfits have stagnated and its not about not getting enough likes or comments. Its not that somebody told me I'm not good enough. I just don't feel like I'm improving in something that to me is an art. I'm really happy that people still like my outfits and want to see them and really thank you for the kind comments. But there is more that I want to achieve. So I'm going to keep fighting and trying my best to get better at it and try new ideas.

If I didn't work hard on getting better I never would of met all the wonderful people I have around me now. I never would of traveled around. I never would of had the things I have today. I'm still here because I decided a long time ago to not give up even when things were the hardest and people told me I was worthless. And if I keep working hard then more good things will come.

I'm not working hard for the approval of others, because I know my boyfriend, family and friends love me the way I am and that's the people that really matter. Its not important how many times I fail, the important thing is to keep trying your best. Giving myself a break because I'm depressed sounds good in theory but its just making me more sad and tired. I want to have a healthy body, I want to make more videos, I want to dress better, I want to draw better and I want to push myself to get out and work hard at just doing my best. Thank you for reading this. Don't forget to try your best and even if you fail you haven't lost until you give up.

I was going to make a short facebook post about this but its getting a bit long so I decided I might as well post it on my blog.
kawaii sweet lolita fashion cute ocean california
//Love Mintyfrills

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Angelic Pretty x Disney: Kiss Me Cat

kawaii sweet lolita fashion dress bag minty cute
Angelic Pretty and Disney have made a new collab this time with a print featuring Marie from Aristocats. They have made many collaborations before, I wrote a blog post about earlier ones. I think the print is a bit too messy on this one, I really love Marie but there are just too many details in the print. I feel like the scale of the print is too small. Though I think the accessories that they made are really cute! The bag and tights are cute. I think the beret is a bit silly but I can see why other people would like it. The white part with pink lace looks a bit off too. I see what they were trying to do but its just not quite right. Still fun to see them collaborating more.

kawaii sweet lolita fashion dress bag minty cutekawaii sweet lolita fashion dress bag minty cutekawaii sweet lolita fashion dress bag minty cute

//Love Mintyfrills

Monday, 22 February 2016

Video: Vlogs about my aspergs support group!

I've been pretty active on my second youtube channel 'Minty Today' where I post vlogs about what I've been up to lately. So if you want to know then please subscribe! Lately I've been going to an Asperger Support group every week and its been great. It feels really helpful to hear about other people with aspergers talk about their problems and how they found solutions. I feel good about being open with having aspergers because I get a lot of people messaging me about it and being happy to see someone else who has the same problems. I'm going there for three more weeks then I will go to California, yaay.

Been dressing up for going to my Asperger group because it makes me feel more happy and confident, any excuse to get dressed up is great! <3 So I though I would share the outfits that I am wearing in the videos.~

kawaii sweet lolita fashion cute blue hairkawaii sweet lolita fashion cute blue hair

//Love Mintyfrills

Sunday, 21 February 2016

NärCon vinter 2016: My lolita outfits

I had lots of fun at NärCon vinter 2016, met so many of my dear friends. Sold a bunch of lolita dresses too but at least now I have money for my trip to LA next month! It was my boyfriends first convention so it was really fun showing him around and introducing him to my friends. These are the lolita outfits that I wore for the convention.

kawaii lolita fashion cute sweet närcon vinter
Honey Cake
I really love this dress, I wanted to coord it with blue so that I could have my own hair with it! This dress is so lovely, I also wore that matching beret that I made for it. I look silly on the picture but its the best one I got!

kawaii lolita fashion cute sweet närcon vinter
Melty Berry Princess
Strawberry dresses are so cute, I wanted to match my pink strawberry bag with it so I wore pink wristcuffs and a pink necklace, there is also pink in the print! I had the perfect strawberry socks to wear with this but I missed packing them, so sad. I wish I would of had more time to tweak both these outfits, but I have been really stressed lately, lots going on.

Hope you like my outfits! I also filmed at the convention and will try to finish the video soon.~
//Love Mintyfrills

Fashion Valentine: Lonlon

mintyfrills fashion valentine harajuku pretty

 My fashion valentine this week is Lonlon, she is always super cute! Even though she struggles with chronic illness she still manages to work hard and dress up pretty. She has a really soft and cute style, with her signature pink dip dye and cute pink shaded big eye make-up. Please go follow her on her instagram, tumblr and twitter!

Most of the time you can see her with pigtails, skirts or dresses and platform shoes in soft pastels. Her outfits are often simple but have that comfortable cute style that you can wear everyday type of feel. It suits her so well that she looks like a magical princess. On top of that she is very photogenic and looks amazing in every picture.

mintyfrills fashion valentine harajuku prettymintyfrills fashion valentine harajuku pretty kawaiigoods

The colors are always perfectly balanced. Like on the left picture where the socks match both in theme and color with the shirt, bag and her hair. While the skirt is balanced with the white shoes. Even with doing it all on a budget she still makes everything work together.

mintyfrills fashion valentine harajuku prettymintyfrills fashion valentine harajuku pretty

On top of being a cute magical princess she also spreads awareness about invisible chronic illnesses. She is a very kind and supportive person and I wish her all the luck in the world, go show her some love on her social media. She deserves all the love and support in the world, keep doing your best! <3

mintyfrills fashion valentine harajuku pretty
Finnian and Lonlon at a convention.
//Love Mintyfrills

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Angelic Pretty: Baked Sweets Parade release

So this week Baked Sweets Parade will be released finally after a long wait! I wrote longer what I thought about it in an earlier blog post, but I am very sad an disappointed in the changes they made to the cut of the jsk. It's simple and boring, everything that I liked about it is gone. All the trim, frills and ribbons are gone. If they went for plain and boring I guess they succeeded. That said I still like the print a lot and the OP still looks cute even though white collar op's are really boring to coord. But with all three cuts I wish there was some kind of frill on the bottom part, its just amazingly basic, its just nothing there.

I wish the original cut would of been the one to be released, they did the same thing with Dolly Cat last year.

//Love Mintyfrills

Monday, 15 February 2016

Knights Night: The Secret of Kells

mintyfrills classic lolita fashion kawaii cute pretty

Knights Night have relased this dress called 'the secret of kells' that is based on irish design from the book of kells. I think it has a really unique print design that I havent seen in lolita. Its available in various cuts and colors. I think the bright blue one is my favorite. It's not my usual style but it was interesting enough that I wanted to share it with you.

It looks like all the cuts are pretty long, but I think that the print seems well composed. It has so many details and its just really pretty to look at. I have no idea what I personally would coord it with but I look forward to other people making outfits with it!

mintyfrills classic lolita fashion kawaii cute pretty

Even though the print is based on the book only the name seems to come from the animated movie 'the secrets of kells' which I would recomend to any fan of animation or this type of irish design. Its about the making of the book of kells.

mintyfrills classic lolita fashion kawaii cute pretty

//Love Mintyfrils

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Fashion Valentine: Agnes

angelic pretty mintyfrills lolita fashion kawaii cute sweet

My fashion valentine today for actual valentine is my dear friend Agnes! (Also known by her online name bowsbeforeboyss.) She is so inspiring and really makes me want to do better too. Aside from being gorgeous and having an amazing fashion sense she is also an amazing friend. Her coords are always creative and she is the queen of ott sweet and she just keeps getting better at it! Agnes is super creative and a total babe, that's why she is my fashion valentine this Sunday! Go follow her on instagram, tumblr and youtube!

mintyfrills lolita fashion kawaii cute sweet btssb

This coord is just super pretty, the fluffy puffs really ties it all together, there are so many cute details! Her hair is perfectly decorated, it always feels balanced even when there is a lot.

mintyfrills lolita fashion kawaii cute sweet btssbmintyfrills lolita fashion kawaii cute sweet btssbmintyfrills lolita fashion kawaii cute sweet btssb

She is so good at making the same dress look like a new one just by coording it with new colors. I love how she has brought out the colors in this dress. adding the colorful bows looks really cute.

angelic pretty mintyfrills lolita fashion kawaii cute sweet

I get jealous of how perfectly even her accessories look, everything is just in the right spot. This look with magical etoile is really pretty, she makes the pastels work with the darker dress really well.

mintyfrills lolita fashion kawaii cute sweet btssb

Agnes also does more simple coords beautifully. This outfit has such a nice retro feel to it. I feel like she can bring her own style to any type of outfit.

angelic pretty mintyfrills lolita fashion kawaii cute sweet

We went to hellocon together last year and I had so much fun! I hope we can go traveling together someday again.

//Love Mintyfrills

Monday, 8 February 2016

Twining in Happy Garden

sweet lolita fashion kawaii cute

My friend Saltje is here twining all the way from Belgium! I'm showing her around Stockholm and today we decided to twin in Happy Garden. We don't have the same cut or color but we both matched with pink and we have the same hairstyle and socks so I still think we matched very nicely. We went to Vasamuseet and Fotografiska today. We also walked thru Gamla Stan and checked out some second hand shops. Doing some more adventuring tomorrow too! It's so awesome meeting lolita friends from other countries.

sweet lolita fashion kawaii cute

//Love Mintyfrills

Drawing Cute People [2]

drawing cute people pastel fashion

I'm really happy with how this one turned out, Its just super pastel. I changed some things to have less details and more color. I wanted the background to have a pastel 80's feel, its okay but I think I can do better next time! I draw with a wacom bamboo fun tablet in photoshop. I love drawing people in alternative styles.

kawaii cute mintyfrills fashion

//Love Mintyfrills

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Fashion Valentine: Melty

Fashion valentine mintyfrills cute

This weeks valentine is my dear friend Melty, also known as Meltychocolatemoon. She really has her own sense of style, I love her magical girl outfits. She just gets that little extra to make it really magic. It also helps that Melty is really crafty and makes her own accessories that she also sells in her storenvy and at events. She is a dear friend that I have known for 7 years. Go follow her on Instagram and Tumblr!

Fashion valentine mintyfrills cute

This is an outfit that Melty wore for a j-fashion show at NärCon last summer, I managed to take this nice photo of it! I just think she makes everything work. The shoes are not typical lolita shoes but the look just perfect with this outfit, it balances out with the Disney hat the she also has decorated a lot. Just all together a really good magical girl outfit. 

Fashion valentine mintyfrills cuteFashion valentine mintyfrills cute

Melty dresses in many different styles this one is a bit cult party kei inspired. She looks a bit like a forest spirit. The makeup is just stunning too, so much effort and details put into it.

Fashion valentine mintyfrills cute

She also does really nice lolita outfits, its simple and balanced but I still think she has her own style. Often opting for printed tights instead of socks, which is becoming a bigger trend since brands started making printed tights. The wig also looks really good on her.

Fashion valentine mintyfrills cute

Even for more casual looks she looks super cute! This looks really comfortable also.

Fashion valentine mintyfrills cute

This photo is from her super cute bedroom, Yet another pretty magical girl outfit! This one has a bit of a mermaid style that I really think suits her. Melty is just really creative and keeps getting better and better. I look forward to seeing more outfits from her in the future.~

//Love Mintyfrills