Friday 30 September 2011

Art and Orders

Today in school I made a pattern for a skirt that I will produce in a low quantity and then sell here on my blog, it will be medium length and in fairy kei style. ^__^ When I got home from school I sent an order to the shopping service japonica market, I'm buying some Angelic Pretty stuff from Mbok, I hope I win all four auctions, and of course you will be photos later when it arrives :3.

Pleased with my order I spent the last hours getting some creative work done. Witch resulted in this picture, hope you like it!

Friday 9 September 2011

Package Day!

Got two packages on the mail today. Two pretty wigs from gothic lolita wigs and lavender an*tai*na teaparty shoes that I bought second hand from an other lolita. I got a blond himewig and a pinkxmint splitwig, both wigs were really nice, good fibers and they were nice and thick. The shoes were a little big for me but ok with dubble socks on. :3

Thursday 8 September 2011

My little pony

I found this my little pony ferries wheel on sale! I had to buy it, Im now using it to put my jewelries on. It really looks adorable. ^__^

Tuesday 6 September 2011

Tokyo Expo

This weekend I was at tokyo expo in Stockholm, I had lots of fun. It was nice meeting my dear friends again. I got some stuff sold, but not as much as I would of wanted. Though it was still lots of fun!

This was my table at tokyo expo, my new collection star candy~~

I also participated in the fashion show with my fairy kei outfit.

All the girls were soo adorable <3

But the best thing with going to Stockholm was being with my friend Shanti <3 She is so cute. ^__^

By the way! I have decided to start writing in English on my blog, so that everybody can understand ^__^