Friday, 28 April 2017

Angelic Pretty: Fancy Hospital

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This dress just came out of nowhere for me, didn't see any pictures of it before it came up this week. This weekend Angelic Pretty will be releasing Fancy Hospital. This really feels like the cutest Menhera clothes ever. I don't think this is a theme that Angelic Pretty has done before at all (from what I can remember, correct me if I'm wrong). Since most themes Angelic Pretty does are kinda overdone (toys, chocolate, marine, carnival, skies etc) it's really nice seeing them venture into a new one.

The dress has a really casual feel to it due to the light silk fabric and the skirt not being as wide as usual. The cutsew version looks really sweet and comfortable. The scale and style of the print is really suitable for the different cuts. 

The thing that makes me most exited about this dress is seeing the menhera themed coords that people will do with it! Good job mixing it up and giving us something a little less predictable!

mintyfrills, kawaii, cute, sweet lolita, sickly cute,

//Love Mintyfrills

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Angelic Pretty: Romantic Cat

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Recently Angelic Pretty released this adorable cat themed print, which I think might be one of their best cat themed dresses to date! I feels like a combination of Dolly Cat and Romantic Rose Letter. Its a very sweet print and its feels like the cats are in the same style as the bunnies on the recent Ribbon Berry Bunny. The cuts are simple but have really nice detailing. The lace layered over the fabric on the bodice gives a bit of a classy touch to it. 

Mintyfrills, sweet lolita, fashion, kawaii, cute, kitten, dress, Mintyfrills, sweet lolita, fashion, kawaii, cute, kitten, dress, Mintyfrills, sweet lolita, fashion, kawaii, cute, kitten, dress,

I think the colorways are really cute. I didn't see it at first but its both a nice bright lavender and a color that is more grey than lavender. I don't think there has been much of this grey shade on Angelic Pretty prints before but we might be seeing more of it coming up since the new rerelease of popular Misty Sky includes grey as a new colorway. Just like they added a lot of the darker turquoise in the last season maybe grey is this seasons new color.

Mintyfrills, sweet lolita, fashion, kawaii, cute, kitten, dress,

//Love Mintyfrills

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Angelic Pretty: Ribbon Berry Bunny

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A while back Angelic Pretty released 'Ribbon Berry Bunny'. This dress really reminds me of Sweet Ribbon Strawberry mixed with Cherry Berry Bunny. I think its a really cute print, the bunnies are adorable. I think the blue colorway has a really interesting look that could make for really cool coords but I like the red version the most!

The detachable sleeves really just feels like older cookie cutter AP, since I don't like coording with white I dont like at all. The jsk is cute and as you all know Im a big fan of scallop designs. Though the way the print ends looks a bit off, not bad but could of been improved.

Its a really cute dress that I do like, but its nothing I would buy myself.
//Love Mintyfrills

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Blingup Nails: Adorable nails!

Blingup makes adorable nailsets and they are just perfect to match with Lolita! They have lots of cute designs and I got these cute ones. They have some lovely lavender flowers and some glittery bling.

I usually get my nails done with gel or acrylic, but honestly its way too expensive and can be in the way. So I was excited to try out a nail set like this that you can put on to have cute nails over the weekend and then take them off to use again later.

The stick on stickers are practical since it makes them easy to take off but I feel like they kinda fall off almost too easy. So I feel using some glue makes them stay on better, just a bit so they still come off later.

The quality feels nice and the deco is really well attached, they also send some extra stones just in case. I look forward to using them again for a convention next week!

I really think they are well worth it since one set of these gorgeous nails cost about the same as getting your nails done once with just one color here in Sweden. They have lots of cute designs, here are some other designs I really like!

//Love Mintyfrills