Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Angelic Pretty: Ribbon Berry Bunny

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A while back Angelic Pretty released 'Ribbon Berry Bunny'. This dress really reminds me of Sweet Ribbon Strawberry mixed with Cherry Berry Bunny. I think its a really cute print, the bunnies are adorable. I think the blue colorway has a really interesting look that could make for really cool coords but I like the red version the most!

The detachable sleeves really just feels like older cookie cutter AP, since I don't like coording with white I dont like at all. The jsk is cute and as you all know Im a big fan of scallop designs. Though the way the print ends looks a bit off, not bad but could of been improved.

Its a really cute dress that I do like, but its nothing I would buy myself.
//Love Mintyfrills

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