Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Blingup Nails: Adorable nails!

Blingup makes adorable nailsets and they are just perfect to match with Lolita! They have lots of cute designs and I got these cute ones. They have some lovely lavender flowers and some glittery bling.

I usually get my nails done with gel or acrylic, but honestly its way too expensive and can be in the way. So I was excited to try out a nail set like this that you can put on to have cute nails over the weekend and then take them off to use again later.

The stick on stickers are practical since it makes them easy to take off but I feel like they kinda fall off almost too easy. So I feel using some glue makes them stay on better, just a bit so they still come off later.

The quality feels nice and the deco is really well attached, they also send some extra stones just in case. I look forward to using them again for a convention next week!

I really think they are well worth it since one set of these gorgeous nails cost about the same as getting your nails done once with just one color here in Sweden. They have lots of cute designs, here are some other designs I really like!

//Love Mintyfrills

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