Thursday, 7 July 2016

Angelic Pretty: Eternal Carnival Special Set

mintyfrills kawaii cute sweet lolita fashion harajuku

Angelic Pretty just released a special set of Eternal Carnival so if you like it be sure to go buy it now! I think the cut and color is really cute. Simple and pretty. This print is really gorgeous, there are so many fantastic little details. The colorway is really cute, I like that there is a lot of lavender on it also. Its a nice contrast.

//Love Mintyfrills


  1. I love this print so much!! The details within it are so pretty and the overlay is adorable. Thought there would be a blood bath for it but it's actually not that popular. Will you be purchasing it?

  2. This dress is on its way to my shopping service now and I am super pumped to wear it :D I was thrilled to find it has full shirring and that it comes in a colour way I have open for my wardrobe :D