Sunday, 18 November 2018

❤Fashion Favorites [5]❤

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The always adorable Larissa wore this sugary sweet lolita outfit for Disneyland Lolitaday. She's wearing the blue Sweetie Violet jsk from Angelic Pretty and matching it with lavender and pink. Matched with some really cute Stella Lou bunny ears and bag. Three colored lolita outfits are always adorable. Larissa always has super cute outfits and really nice photos.

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Airy always has simple but perfectly matched outfits, she looks cute as always in the Eternal Carnival special set jsk in Mint matched with mint wristcuffs and shoes. The light blond hair makes this look very sweet and soft. She always posts really cute lolita outfits!

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Amber wore this sugary sweet outfit with the Macaron Tartan jsk and Lovely Girl jacket both from Angelic Pretty! I love seeing outfits with Angelic Pretty's more casual pieces because they are just so adorable. She perfectly completed this outfit with the pink platform boots, this is just such an awesome look!

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Mahouprince wore this colorful and bright outfit that just looks super cool! The bright neon green that looks really nice together with the darker shade of green their hair is. Different shades of the same color can make outfits look really magical. The florescent yellow of the coat on the second picture goes really nicely with the shades of green. They always dress really colorful and is one of my fave decora kids!

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Nina wore this cute jsk from Baby the Stars Shine Bright with Disney's Snow White, which feels perfectly suited for Disneylands Lolitaday! Since the dress has red details in the print and red lacing matching it with red shoes and red headbow. The hairstyle also works really nice since it looks like Snow White's hair. Just a really pretty outfit!

I make a lot of posts about fashion so please check out my other posts!
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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Runway: 10 Fashion Trends for Spring 2019

Even though I mostly blog about cute street styles I've always loved runway fashion too. There's a lot of fun fashion going on now and I wanted to make a post about some trends for Spring 2019! I think you can easily take inspiration from some of these no matter what style you wear.

There's something really striking about wearing a monochrome outfit, especially when its bright pop colors! Pick any color you love and go with it. I think this can look really cool with any kind of style, what color would you make an outfit with?

These looks with lots of layers and lace really remind me of the Cult Party Kei aesthetic and they look so gorgeous! I really want a dress like the middle one from Ingle, the sheer fabric with little flower detailing look so dreamy. Hoods like that in sheer fabric should be more of a thing in Cult Party Kei or just with anything! 

Bubblegum pink is one of my favorite colors, especially when mixed in different shades. I need to find more bright bubblegum pink blouses to wear with my pink Lolita dresses. So I am very happy to see more of this wonderful pink coming into fashion!

Yes my frilly friends, pastels are very in style right now. These are just a few of all the gorgeous pastel looks on the runway for Spring 2019. I love the pastel gradient on the 5th look from Marine Serre, more of this please!

Pastels feeling washed out? Why not go for all neon colors! mix and match them in bold color combos and just have fun. Maybe try making a awesome Decora coord with neon colors!

Shiny shiny Silver, perfect for a Uchuu Kei outfit or maybe try wearing a silver bag and shoes with your space themed Lolita outfit. I think mixing neons with shiny silver would make the most amazing Uchuu Kei look.

Another colorful and fun trend coming is Tie Dye. Why not try doing some DIY tie dye with your favorite colors? I think I might try doing that myself. Another options would be looking for some cool tie dye at your local vintage shops.

Lots and lots of denim and mostly in this pale bleached color. Denim is not only for pants though! been seeing jackets, dresses and anything else you can think of in denim too!

While all kinds of colors have been present a standout color that I've seen a lot of is yellow! I've seen bright yellow, marigold, florescent yellow and pastel yellow too, so have your pick of which you like.

Personally I've been excited to see all the vaporwave aesthetic going on in a bunch of collections. There has even been tons of looks with bucket hats! So go get that 80's retrowave miami vice _s a d b o i_ look you know you want.

Hope you liked this post, its a bit different but I figured it would still be fun and interesting! Leave a comment if you would like to see more posts like this. Will be making posts about how to get these kinds of looks and much more!

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Thursday, 8 November 2018

MOSCHINO [tv] H&M: Collab Collection!

moschino tv hm H&M collab fashion collection release Mintyfrills
I'm a big fan of Moschino so I was really excited when I heard about their collab with H&M! This isn't the Barbie or My Little Pony collections I love Moschino for but it still has some really nice pieces. This cool collection will be dropping tomorrow morning! (8/Nov) Check out the collection here.~
moschino tv hm H&M collab fashion collection release Mintyfrills
 I think the various long sweater dresses are my favorite pieces, The gold pieces look nice but its not really my kind taste. The denim look is pretty nice and the lock bags are also really cool too. But I really want some more color.

moschino tv hm H&M collab fashion collection release Mintyfrills
They had a runway fashion show that also included a bunch of items that were not in the H&M collection. The magenta faux fur coat looks even better on the runway.

moschino tv hm H&M collab fashion collection release Mintyfrills
Here are some more fun and colorful items, the long Minnie Mouse sweater dress is adorable and I also like the colorful skirt and boots. Feel like I could do some fun outfits with those! If you were wondering, the little bear is actually a phone case.
moschino tv hm H&M collab fashion collection release Mintyfrills
These are not even all the items that were in the collection, there were tons of options and really recommend you have a look! Some of the more simple items are pretty affordable if you like those ones! What do you think of this collection? Whats your favorite piece?

//Love Mintyfrills

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Brand Feature: Diamond Honey

Diamond Honey taobao sweet lolita fashion brand feature mintyfrills
Lately I've been browsing taobao a lot and wanted to share some of the taobao brands that I love! Starting with a brand called Diamond Honey. This brand has adorable original prints along with some really good blouses and cute tights. Their style is generally pretty sweet but there is still a lot of variation! Both supersweet pastels and more toned down almost otome type dresses. 

Diamond Honey taobao sweet lolita fashion brand feature mintyfrills
The Price is significantly lower than any Japanese lolita brand while still keeping a pretty good quality! Most of their dresses are in the $25-50 range. While they are available for purchase from some overseas online re-sellers, I would recommend buying directly from their own shop since the markup doubles the price. 

Diamond Honey taobao sweet lolita fashion brand feature mintyfrills
Their blouses come in many colors and are the style in the top left corner are very stretchy and comfy too! Definitely a great place to get some more color variation on blouses for a great price! 

Diamond Honey taobao sweet lolita fashion brand feature mintyfrills
They have a bunch of really cute tights, though I wish some of them would have a bit more saturated colors and have other base colors. I think the berry and bat ones are the best since you can see the print on those very clearly!

Diamond Honey taobao sweet lolita fashion brand feature mintyfrills
If you don't like the very sweet look they still have lots more so check them out and look for yourself! It's a lot more than I could show you in one blog post. All in all Diamond Honey is a great budget option for anyone looking for sweet lolita clothes. 

I will feature more brands that I like from taobao, there are just so many that its hard to decide which one to show you next! Feel free to comment with what kind of clothes you would like to find on taobao. Check back soon again!

Friday, 2 November 2018

Angelic Pretty: Candy Carol

Angelic Pretty Candy Carol

The holidays are coming up soon and Angelic Pretty has released this festive dress called Candy Carol. It has an all over print with teddybears, wrapped gifts, treats and decorations!The print is cute but doesn't feel like anything special and the cuts are pretty basic too. I think you can probably do the most interesting outfits with the white jsk, by matching it with one of the colors from the print. Since I dislike making outfits with white it feels boring that the red and navy colorways seems to already have decided you should wear it with white.

Angelic Pretty Candy Carol
All in all I don't really dislike this dress, its perfectly fine and has a cute print. Maybe it would be cuter with some candy cane striped ribbon details or some more box and frills of any kind? One thing I know is that this dress wont be on my wishlist.

//Love Mintyfrills