Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Runway: 10 Fashion Trends for Spring 2019

Even though I mostly blog about cute street styles I've always loved runway fashion too. There's a lot of fun fashion going on now and I wanted to make a post about some trends for Spring 2019! I think you can easily take inspiration from some of these no matter what style you wear.

There's something really striking about wearing a monochrome outfit, especially when its bright pop colors! Pick any color you love and go with it. I think this can look really cool with any kind of style, what color would you make an outfit with?

These looks with lots of layers and lace really remind me of the Cult Party Kei aesthetic and they look so gorgeous! I really want a dress like the middle one from Ingle, the sheer fabric with little flower detailing look so dreamy. Hoods like that in sheer fabric should be more of a thing in Cult Party Kei or just with anything! 

Bubblegum pink is one of my favorite colors, especially when mixed in different shades. I need to find more bright bubblegum pink blouses to wear with my pink Lolita dresses. So I am very happy to see more of this wonderful pink coming into fashion!

Yes my frilly friends, pastels are very in style right now. These are just a few of all the gorgeous pastel looks on the runway for Spring 2019. I love the pastel gradient on the 5th look from Marine Serre, more of this please!

Pastels feeling washed out? Why not go for all neon colors! mix and match them in bold color combos and just have fun. Maybe try making a awesome Decora coord with neon colors!

Shiny shiny Silver, perfect for a Uchuu Kei outfit or maybe try wearing a silver bag and shoes with your space themed Lolita outfit. I think mixing neons with shiny silver would make the most amazing Uchuu Kei look.

Another colorful and fun trend coming is Tie Dye. Why not try doing some DIY tie dye with your favorite colors? I think I might try doing that myself. Another options would be looking for some cool tie dye at your local vintage shops.

Lots and lots of denim and mostly in this pale bleached color. Denim is not only for pants though! been seeing jackets, dresses and anything else you can think of in denim too!

While all kinds of colors have been present a standout color that I've seen a lot of is yellow! I've seen bright yellow, marigold, florescent yellow and pastel yellow too, so have your pick of which you like.

Personally I've been excited to see all the vaporwave aesthetic going on in a bunch of collections. There has even been tons of looks with bucket hats! So go get that 80's retrowave miami vice _s a d b o i_ look you know you want.

Hope you liked this post, its a bit different but I figured it would still be fun and interesting! Leave a comment if you would like to see more posts like this. Will be making posts about how to get these kinds of looks and much more!

//Love Mintyfrills

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