Friday, 2 November 2018

Angelic Pretty: Candy Carol

Angelic Pretty Candy Carol

The holidays are coming up soon and Angelic Pretty has released this festive dress called Candy Carol. It has an all over print with teddybears, wrapped gifts, treats and decorations!The print is cute but doesn't feel like anything special and the cuts are pretty basic too. I think you can probably do the most interesting outfits with the white jsk, by matching it with one of the colors from the print. Since I dislike making outfits with white it feels boring that the red and navy colorways seems to already have decided you should wear it with white.

Angelic Pretty Candy Carol
All in all I don't really dislike this dress, its perfectly fine and has a cute print. Maybe it would be cuter with some candy cane striped ribbon details or some more box and frills of any kind? One thing I know is that this dress wont be on my wishlist.

//Love Mintyfrills

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