Monday, 17 December 2018

Angelic Pretty: Cookie Scallop

Angelic Pretty Cookie Scallop mintyfrills new release
Really cute non print dress from Angelic Pretty. I always love scallops on dresses and these colors make it look like ice cream! Having two shades of Pink on the same dress is always really cute too. This dress is pretty simple, I feel like it could of had just something more on the skirt part.

Angelic Pretty Cookie Scallop mintyfrills new release
The brown and beige colorways look like chocolate and vanilla ice cream, I'm personally not a big fan of these kind of colors but I'm sure there´s lots of other people that like them.

Been working a lot on getting my Etsy shop together so that I can launch it again soon! Also been a bit more active on my instagram lately, so be sure to check out that. I want to post more on the blog, I will do my best!
//Love Mintyfrills

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  1. I really like the pink one! It reminds me of strawberry icecream. All together the colorways remind me of neopolitain icecream 😍