Thursday, 6 September 2012

Lolita stuff bought in august

All the lolita stuff I bought last month, not a bad heap at all :P

Angelic Pretty Happy Garden jsk Review

Recently I bought Happy Garden from the Swedish Lolita forum. The purchase went smooth but not much sense in giving a review for a sale from a private person. So I'll just review the dress.

The version I bought is the High Waist Jsk in Sax. The model is different from other Angelic Pretty dresses I have since it has more of an A-line shape, so I think I need to get a new petti to better suit this dress. The dress has really nice fabric that has a rough feel. Nice change up from having the same cotton fabric as most dresses have.

The Print is really adorable and I think its very different from other AP prints, I love the brighter colours that give possibility to make different coords. The rough texture of the fabric also makes the print look really nice. The blue colour is more blue than for example the Sax Jewellery Jelly. The lace has little bunnies made to match the print, as expected from Angelic Pretty.

All in all its a very nice dress, perfect for Easter but look's great the rest of the year too. :)