Tuesday 18 June 2013


My random vlog that I did with me friend Endigo from the band Overworld. Hope you like it!

Saturday 8 June 2013

Keep Calm and Acquire Brand

Hello! Mint here.
In the years since I started to dress in lolita I have accumulated quite a lot of lolita clothes. I'ts really nice when you start to feel that you can wear lolita every day without it feeling like you wear the same thing every day. I scavenge around the internet looking for the items I want and looking for them in good prices.

I'm really proud of my collection!

Love every single dress I buy. Trying to work in some more colors just bought a red french cafe and a lavender candy treat. Still waiting for them to get here (also waiting for my milky planet in sax~~).

 I've worked a lot of extra shifts to be able to buy some new lolita dresses, haven't bought any new lolita dresses in months, spent most of my money on my trip to London a few months ago.

OH, and PS, I changed the color of the text since someone complained about it being hard to read.