Thursday, 18 June 2015

Angelic Pretty: Luminous Sanctuary

Yet another Angelic Pretty release coming up! Luminous Sanctuary really has a classical feel to it and I think it will go well with the current trends in lolita. I love that the print is very different from other AP prints, its classic yet still really sweet. I actually love this on in the black colorway!

//Love Minty

Angelic Pretty: Dreamy Planeterium

Angelic Pretty is releasing a really cute space themed dress called 'dreamy planetarium'. I think all the colorways look really great and I love the cut of the OP with the big bow. If I was going to get it I would of wanted the lightest one, but I don't think this dress is quite my style! Can't wait to see great coords with this though!

//Love Minty

Angelic Pretty: Fantastic Carnival

New pictures of Fantastic Carnival! I think its just amazing and I hope I can get it! I really love mixing different pastel colors so this is really my  cup of tea. I hope it wont be the same bloodbath as the last releases have been!

//Love Minty

Monday, 15 June 2015

Outfit: Sulley Decora

I recently wore this decora outfit, I'm wearing monsters inc roomwear that I bought in Japan, its super comfy! I used to dress in decora a lot when I was younger and kind of miss it, I think its too bad that more people don't dress in this awesome and colorful style!

I always wear a lot of accessories with decora, bracelets and necklaces are a must! its never too much in decora. Try to use more neon bright colors rather than the muted pastels used in fairykei and sweet lolita. It should be a rainbow palette. I usually wear more than this but it was a kinda casual day.

Something that many people miss in decora is layering socks, it really makes it look more ott and less empty on the bottom part. I also like plushes in decora, like this carebear backpack. I also often use pokemon plushes and other kinds of smaller things I can attach to my clothes!

Hope you like this outfit that's a bit different!
//Love Minty

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Angelic Pretty: Misty Sky

Misty Sky was re-released again and it sold out right away! No wonder since its been going for a lot of money second hand lately, its a really simple print but it really pops! I've seen it irl and it really looks amazing.~~

//Love Minty

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Hellcon15: Angelic Pretty posted about it!

Angelic Pretty made a post about Hellocon on their webpage! I'm actually in a few pictures! *happy* Can you spot me? I'm going to post some more of my pictures from the event and I'm currently working on my videos from there.

//Love Minty

Brand Feature: BABY&doll

My dear friend Cosma-Shanti recently launched her online store for a limited time! She sell's some really cute pins, chokers and other accessories. These are perfect for any style! I have the hate heart pins and I use them all the time. Be sure to check it out while its up!

//Love Minty