Monday, 8 July 2019

Brand Feature: Cat's Broom

What is Cat's Broom?

Cat's Broom is a quirky Taobao brand that has some really fun and playful sweet Lolita prints. Above you see their 'Pig Chef' Print series that features little pigs in chef uniforms, bread, sausage, tomatoes, ice cream cones and other food items! 

 They have a lot of fun and pretty unique prints, I think a lot of them have a bit of a vintage feel that is enhanced by the way they style looks. Their Pizza Print is such a nice idea for a theme, it would be fun to see accessories to match that.

My favorite of their original print series is their 'Sale 50% off' print! This is just such a funny and clever idea for a print and just an adorable print too. I've just loved it since the first time I saw it. You won't need a 50% Sale to afford their dresses though, since they only cost about $50! 

You might be thinking "yeah ok Mint that's interesting, but do they have Angelic Pretty style super sweet prints in a cut that doesn't make me look like a sack?" And the answer to that is yes, indeed they do have those too. If you are a fan of the typical Angelic Pretty style 'The Secret Garden' or 'Bathroom Toy' might be the cheaper indie brand option for you! 

Gnomes. They have a print with Gnomes, with miniature cows and nutcrackers. I have no idea what's going on there but its great. You should definitely have a look at their shop and see what more fun styles they have to offer.

I hope you enjoyed this look at a brand you might not of heard of before. I want to make lots more posts about all kinda of Lolita or other fashion brands and sort them into an index to make it easy for you to find new fun brands!

 Thanks for reading!

//Love Minty

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Angelic Pretty: Fancy Candy

Angelic Pretty recently released Fancy Candy, a fun and colorful print series that feels really fresh. I love colorful high contrast prints and candy packaging and other treats is a really nice theme. Lots of fun accessories one could make to match with this!

The print has a lot of fun motifs, even though Angelic Pretty often does dessert and candy themes dresses this one has some new ones! I'm pretty sure I haven't seen rainbow bagels on a lolita print before. The crepes, melon sodas and milkshakes are sooo adoreable!

I was released as a collared OP and a pretty simple jsk. There was also a special set released with another jsk cut in a very sweet pastel pink. I'm very happy to see Angelic Pretty making more acrylic jewelry again, its been a while and what a perfect print to make those for. I heard that they had hired someone new that designs jewelry now and I look forward to seeing more.

Prints like this can look pretty cool on black since it really makes the colors pop, but its generally not my kind of thing. Look forward to seeing the coords others will make with this colorway though. For the black colorway I would definitely go with the jsk for more coordinate options.

The red is hard to coordinate but if you pull it off it can look really awesome. 

 The mint version looks really cute and bright, I'm curious to see what the color looks like in real life because this looks like an additional other shade of mint, again. Like this is actually getting ridiculous, talk about 50 shades of mint. I really like the white colorway, even though I usually avoid white with how bright and big the pattern is I think it really makes it pop. I might actually like the white colorway more than the mint one.

They also released this adorable baby pink Fancy Candy Special Set jsk for an event at Laforet, it is sugary sweet but good luck getting your hands on this. Unless they do more releases its not likely. They even made some pink x pink versions of the cute acrylic jewelry!

All in all, really cute print!
//Love Mintyfrills

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Angelic Pretty: My Favorite Room

My Favorite Room is an adorable dress from Angelic Pretty made in collaboration with Imai Kira. The all over print is pretty toned down, its not as sweet as I would prefer my dresses to be but I still like it!

My favorite colorway is the blue one, I just think the chest bow on the jsk looks so cute on it!

//Love Mintyfrills

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Your Highness: Constellation Gradient

This gorgeous dress called Constellation Gradient is made by taobao brand Your Highness! I love the layered skirt, the style of the dress goes perfectly with the print. This dress would look cute both with a blouse or just as a super cute dress without.
It's too bad that from what I can see this dress had no shirring, which would improve comfort a lot and would not throw off the design since the back is quite simple. Though considering the price tag is only about 50 usd I think its okay, but don't forget to check the measurements. There are several sizes which will help a bit with that too!

It comes in three dark colorways too which look really nice and I think a lot of people would like them! But of course the cute pastel one is the only one for me.
It's an adorable and affordable dress and I definitely recommend checking out Your Highness on taobao!

//Love Mintyfrills

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Angelic Pretty: Snow Glass Dome

So its winter and that means winter themed prints! This winter season Angelic Pretty released Snow Glass Dome, my first thought is 'I wish this was a boarder print'! Could they not maybe scale up their prints a bit? I feel like a lot of prints have been looking cute on the close up but when its small you can't see any of the cute details.

The only colorway I like is the light blue one, the others are just make the print even more meeeeeeh. The grey version looks like it's just some small darker bows on it. I get that they have been going for grey colorways lately but can we have some contrast? The lavender isn't horrible, but I feel like something about the shade is kinda off. This could be just the photos, it might look okay irl.

The OP looks cute with the white collar, since it looks like snow. But otherwise I don't like coordinating with white usually. The layering of the jsk is a bit cute, but could use more frills. This just feels like a discount Sugar Dream Dome.

Thanks for reading! I feel like I sound more grumpy than usual but I'm sure its fine. I should try to have some more fun with writing these. Leave a comment so I know you read my posts and didn't just look at the pretty picture, either is fine, just curious.

//Love Mintyfrills

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Angelic Pretty: 14 NEW upcoming releases ★[Spring/Summer 2019]★

Angelic Pretty finally released photos from their 2019 Spring/Summer Collection fashion show! I've been excited to see it and there are definitely some interesting ones. Lots of really sweet prints, but it's pretty common for spring collections to be more colorful and sweet than fall collection.

Fruity Lemon

Let's start with Fruity Lemon, a really refreshing print, beside the lemons are also little yellow baby chicks. The mint colorway looks really adorable, I'm very curious to see what other colorways they will make this dress in! The poofy sleeves on the OP are so sweet, I like this cut but I know a lot of people dislike their cuts that are empire waist or have no waist. This is pretty different from previous Angelic Pretty prints but it does remind me a lot of Lemon Garden from Cheval de Bois, though Fruity Lemon has a much sweeter print and finish.


 Un Birthday

The colors in the Un Birthday print look really pretty, the pink, blue and mint look so sweet and delicate. Seems like Angelic Pretty will continue releasing their grey colorways, which looks nice with the print but I can't wait to see how this looks with more colorful base colors. Looks like this dress has a more heavy weaved fabric like many other of their prints in this kind of style. I like it, its like a less sweet version of Wrapping Heart.

 Fleur Cat

Cats are always cute but my favorite thing about Fleur Cat is the color contrasting ribbons in the print. The yellow one would be so cute for a 3 color coordinate! Other than that this dress is pretty plain, the cuts are plain and could use some more trims. But that can change before the release.

I'm all here for the theme of the Fancy Candy print; crepes, popcorn, soda, chocolate, and other candy! The solid color background is a bit plain but I think it can work with the aesthetic of this dress. I also saw that this print will also be available in a black colorway. I've made necklaces with similar motifs that might would look cute with it. A boarder print with similar motifs and aesthetic might of been cool!
See my post about it here!

Fleur Egg

Need an easter themed dress? Then Fleur Egg is here for you with painted eggs and colorful tulips. I'm not sure what I think of the pale lavender with this print, it just looks washed out here but that might be the photo. Not sure what the circles with bunnies in the center are, is that the top of a cake? It makes me think of Captain Americas shield, sorry not sorry.

 Magical Horoscope

I do like that the cut for Magical Horoscope has some more frills and details even though the print, especially in this color, is not really my style. Its hard to make out details and this is the only photos of it that I've seen so far. Nice frills, more info needed.

 Be My Valentine

The Be My Valentine print is so precious and adorable, I'm all here for any kind of scallop designs. Both sewn scallops and in prints. It really adds to the overall balance of the print. it's a nice transition to the boarder part and the hearts stand out with the white background. I've seen that is will be released in a pink colorway also, pink and red both feel suitable for a valentines print. The pink version is mostly pink has red details where the red one has pink details, so I'm curious to see whichever other colorways will have pink or red details! I like the red colorway more than the pink since it has more contrast in the print. This feels like a really fresh new print from Angelic Pretty, who many think have been making new versions of the same dresses a lot lately.

 Jewelry Aquarium

This print features a fancy collection of marine themed jewelry, can we just get the collection of jewelry pictured? They would actually make for really cute pieces, I hope Angelic Pretty will release jewelry like these together with Jewelry Aquarium! I also saw a pink version that I like a whole lot more than these two, though that's mostly a taste thing. Since I don't like dark colors like the blue one and I avoid white. The fabric looks like its chiffon, bottom trim is way too plain.

 Les Jardin de Anges

We always need at least one cloud print right? Les Jardin de Anges (Garden of Angels if I'm not mistaken, Angelic Pretty seem to be a french name kick) has clouds along with cherub angels and roses. I always like the baby blue colorways for cloud prints since it looks like a blue sky. Will also come in lavender. Looks like the fabric is chiffon which this type of cut frequently has. I really like it, but for those who don't like the free waist cuts this dress will also have a cut with the more typical Angelic Pretty waistline.

 Strawberry Doll

What is any Angelic Pretty collection without a berry print? (seriously they have A LOT) Strawberry Doll doesn't feel like anything new but its still cute. Plus for the pink lace on the pink colorway, I think they have white trims on everything way too often.

 Fleur Romance Dress

I think Fleur Romance would of looked better with a less pale pink base color. Pink and blue is such a cute color combo but its almost more white than pink. The bright blue ribbons make the other blue details look even more washed out. Something about the spacing of the lace layering looks a bit off too.

 Airly Julian

Airly Julian just looks so much better than the Fleur Romance Dress, the layering of the lace looks so luxurious (though the price will probably reflect this). The tone of pink used for details looks just right with the white base. I'm not sure what that small apron looking part is, but other than that this dress looks really gorgeous.

 Shanghai Doll Dress

These are the colors I wanted to see on the Fleur Romance Dress, really cute color combo. Though other than that I'm not quite sure about this dress. It looks like its trying to combine the Chinese style collar with an attached peignoir. Would like to see how this moves and how much the sheer part is attached, if it floats free over or if its stitched down. 

Rose Bouquet Angel Dress

The best thing you can do with one color dresses is use textures and this dress had a lot of different textures layered over each other. The cotton candy pink looks lovely, feels right for a princess style dress like this one. I would love to see the fabrics up close looks like the shiny fabric has a embroidered rose pattern.

That sure was a lot of dresses to get thru! Which one is your favorite? Excited to see more detailed photos and other colorways of all of these. Check back here for more updates on Angelic Pretty releases. Hope you liked my graphics since they took some time to put together.~
//Love Mintyfrills