Sunday, 18 November 2018

❤Fashion Favorites [5]❤

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The always adorable Larissa wore this sugary sweet lolita outfit for Disneyland Lolitaday. She's wearing the blue Sweetie Violet jsk from Angelic Pretty and matching it with lavender and pink. Matched with some really cute Stella Lou bunny ears and bag. Three colored lolita outfits are always adorable. Larissa always has super cute outfits and really nice photos.

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Airy always has simple but perfectly matched outfits, she looks cute as always in the Eternal Carnival special set jsk in Mint matched with mint wristcuffs and shoes. The light blond hair makes this look very sweet and soft. She always posts really cute lolita outfits!

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Amber wore this sugary sweet outfit with the Macaron Tartan jsk and Lovely Girl jacket both from Angelic Pretty! I love seeing outfits with Angelic Pretty's more casual pieces because they are just so adorable. She perfectly completed this outfit with the pink platform boots, this is just such an awesome look!

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Mahouprince wore this colorful and bright outfit that just looks super cool! The bright neon green that looks really nice together with the darker shade of green their hair is. Different shades of the same color can make outfits look really magical. The florescent yellow of the coat on the second picture goes really nicely with the shades of green. They always dress really colorful and is one of my fave decora kids!

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Nina wore this cute jsk from Baby the Stars Shine Bright with Disney's Snow White, which feels perfectly suited for Disneylands Lolitaday! Since the dress has red details in the print and red lacing matching it with red shoes and red headbow. The hairstyle also works really nice since it looks like Snow White's hair. Just a really pretty outfit!

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  1. I love the third look!!! I havent seen much of APs casual stuff and I love it!!!!