Sunday, 7 February 2016

Fashion Valentine: Melty

Fashion valentine mintyfrills cute

This weeks valentine is my dear friend Melty, also known as Meltychocolatemoon. She really has her own sense of style, I love her magical girl outfits. She just gets that little extra to make it really magic. It also helps that Melty is really crafty and makes her own accessories that she also sells in her storenvy and at events. She is a dear friend that I have known for 7 years. Go follow her on Instagram and Tumblr!

Fashion valentine mintyfrills cute

This is an outfit that Melty wore for a j-fashion show at NärCon last summer, I managed to take this nice photo of it! I just think she makes everything work. The shoes are not typical lolita shoes but the look just perfect with this outfit, it balances out with the Disney hat the she also has decorated a lot. Just all together a really good magical girl outfit. 

Fashion valentine mintyfrills cuteFashion valentine mintyfrills cute

Melty dresses in many different styles this one is a bit cult party kei inspired. She looks a bit like a forest spirit. The makeup is just stunning too, so much effort and details put into it.

Fashion valentine mintyfrills cute

She also does really nice lolita outfits, its simple and balanced but I still think she has her own style. Often opting for printed tights instead of socks, which is becoming a bigger trend since brands started making printed tights. The wig also looks really good on her.

Fashion valentine mintyfrills cute

Even for more casual looks she looks super cute! This looks really comfortable also.

Fashion valentine mintyfrills cute

This photo is from her super cute bedroom, Yet another pretty magical girl outfit! This one has a bit of a mermaid style that I really think suits her. Melty is just really creative and keeps getting better and better. I look forward to seeing more outfits from her in the future.~

//Love Mintyfrills

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