Sunday, 21 February 2016

NärCon vinter 2016: My lolita outfits

I had lots of fun at NärCon vinter 2016, met so many of my dear friends. Sold a bunch of lolita dresses too but at least now I have money for my trip to LA next month! It was my boyfriends first convention so it was really fun showing him around and introducing him to my friends. These are the lolita outfits that I wore for the convention.

kawaii lolita fashion cute sweet närcon vinter
Honey Cake
I really love this dress, I wanted to coord it with blue so that I could have my own hair with it! This dress is so lovely, I also wore that matching beret that I made for it. I look silly on the picture but its the best one I got!

kawaii lolita fashion cute sweet närcon vinter
Melty Berry Princess
Strawberry dresses are so cute, I wanted to match my pink strawberry bag with it so I wore pink wristcuffs and a pink necklace, there is also pink in the print! I had the perfect strawberry socks to wear with this but I missed packing them, so sad. I wish I would of had more time to tweak both these outfits, but I have been really stressed lately, lots going on.

Hope you like my outfits! I also filmed at the convention and will try to finish the video soon.~
//Love Mintyfrills

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