Sunday, 22 November 2015

Angelic Pretty: 6 non print OP's available now!

With prints selling out on the first day I would like to share some really cute OP's that are not sold out at the moment! Angelic Pretty really have some adorable non print dresses also and I think people miss them a lot. The two dresses above are sooo cute and fluffy, I really like the trend of more sheer fabrics being used. And the cuts are really cute.

Here are the link for them:

The yellow x pink combination looks really sweet and different, this color combo should be used more! I love all the little ribbons. The second one above looks really fancy and could be coorded a bit more classic too. The blue colorway has a really soft feel.

To the left is a more casual type of cut that I think can be coorded really cute with some splashes of color! The last one is really interesting, I look forward to seeing it irl, it looks a little bit maid/Alice like, but I think it really depends on how you coord it. 

//Love Minty

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