Thursday, 17 December 2015

Lolita Feels [1]

all the things kawaii cute accesories sweet ott

How I've been feeling lately when I'm coording, please can OTT sweet come back?

new print lolita fashion sweet kawaii

How does one even get a hold of a new AP print, everything sells out in the first hour.

angelic pretty lolita fashion fairly odd parents meme

Can I please have Wrapping heart now? I have a spot in my closet with its name on it.

meme brands, angelic pretty kawaii cute, fashion

So they go forever not releasing anything you want when you have money, then later when you are broke AF then you want ALL THE THINGS.

lolita feels meme fashion fail

Some people never learn...

lolita meme chocolate rosette release kawaii cute bad luck brian

How many of you have been feeling like this with the new rerelease of Chocolate Rosette? Sometimes I feel lucky the prints I like are not as popular anymore.

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