Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Angelic Pretty: Baked Sweets Parade

Another dress from Angelic Pretty's next collection! This one features cute donuts.~

I like that AP has been moving away from every print being a boarder print because it allows for more interesting cuts. I'm sure this remind many of creamy donut but I think this one has a lot more cute look while creamy donut is more toned down. The scale of the donuts makes the print a lot less messy. I love that some of the donuts have the text 'eat me' on them, gives a bit of Alice in Wonderland feel.

The Cut
Since I only have this one picture right now I can only comment on the jsk, but I would say that I like it. I'm always a fan of big ribbons, but I don't know about the lace trim. Can't wait to see the other cuts and colorways!

I must say that I love the hat, silly hats is one of my favorite things and I'm really hoping that they are selling it and not just have it for the fashion show. They seem to have used some of the creamy donut accessories so we will see if the release matching items.

My rating at this point is 3/5 hearts

//Love Minty

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