Thursday, 3 December 2015

Angelic Pretty: top 5 silly bags!

I really love silly bags, I have a few myself and Angelic Pretty have been releasing some really cute ones this year, so I decided to make a top 5 list of my favorite silly AP bags of 2015!

Starting out my list is this pretty cross bag on fifth place, I really love all the pearl details and the over sized pearls that make out the handle makes it just perfect!

Who doesn't love an Alice in wonderland theme? This bag has nice big 'drink me' tag that makes it super cute. Having a big bottle also makes you look more tiny like a doll.

Angelic Pretty makes the purrfect plush bags and this kitty is no exception! Made to match with Dolly Cat and just super fluffy and adorable.

The Fantastic Carnival bag is this super cute bunny with lots of bows and a fluffy tail. It also comes in white and both colorways are adorable.

My favorite silly Angelic Pretty bag of 2015 is this perfectly cute teddy backpack. It is one of my favorite plush bags they have ever released, the colors are just perfect and it looks so soft. The wings are a super nice detail too. It barely has any room too put anything inside it, but it doesn't have to be practical if its this cute!

Hope you liked my list!
//Love Minty

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