Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Angelic Pretty: Top 10 Favorite Prints 2015

There has been a lot of interesting prints coming out this year so I thought I would pick my top 10 favorite Angelic Pretty prints of 2015! I'm not counting rereleases, so misty sky and holy lantern wont be on this list. Hope you like my picks and feel free to tell me what your favorite was!

10: Horror Garden
This print was released around Halloween and it was just perfect for that time of the year. This is my favorite colorway, I love the white with black trims. Black with white trim is so common so the inversion is really nice, reminiscent of the white holy lantern colorway. 

9: Marine Kingdom
A lot of people were exited about Angelic Pretty releasing a mermaid print, its really cute even though its a bit messy. Definitely looks better in real life though! This cut is really pretty too and I like the pearl details.

8: Melty Berry Princess
I have always loved strawberry prints, it might have something to do with having the nickname 'Ichigo' for five years. So this is actually the only print on the list that I actually bought because it was available when I was in Finland for the Lolita convention Hellocon. It looks super sweet and I love it!

7: Luminous Sanctuary
I think this dress has a simple elegance too it. This high contrast colorway is also super pretty. The Pegasus are really cute.

6: British Bear
I think this print looks perfect for the fall and winter season. The plaid reminds me of punk style, extra much with the yellow special set that the released later. Its cute and I can just imagine all the pretty coords with this.

5: Dream Marine
Marine themes have been popular this year and there are so many creative coords that have been made with it. This print is super cute and I understand why it was so popular!

4: Fantastic Carnival
Carnivals are always cute and I love the contrast between the sax and pink. The animals are really cute and its cool that the used other ones than ponies. I feel like one could make amazing ott coords with this dress and I really want it for that reason!

3: Milky Cross
I love that this dress has such a soft feel to it. Most of the time I don't like sheer overlays but it just looks perfect with this print. I also love the big ribbon flowing down.

2: Cherry Marguerite
This print just makes me think of summer, the white and red combo looks amazing. It makes me want to go to a lovely Lolita picnic in the sunshine.

1: Wrapping Heart
I don't think that its a big surprise that this is my favorite. I love coording with three colors and this is perfect to go with my three favorite ones mint, pink and lavender! I even like the high waist on this OP but the jsk's look perfect too. I love all the colorways and cant wait to find it on the secondhand market once I have the money for it!

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