Monday, 21 December 2015

Lolita Coording Guide [2]

Angelic pretty lolita fashion kawaii mintyfrillsAngelic pretty lolita fashion kawaii mintyfrills

Continuing on coording with Angelic Pretty's dress Toy Parade (first part here!). Here are some simple ways to turn it into a three color coord. I think the most simple way to spread the colors evenly is to make the shoes and bag the same color and then have the blouse and socks be the same, as you can see in my examples. I think this really makes the coord stand out, I love doing three color coords! We are still sticking to the colors that are in the palette from the print. Getting a new set of blouse and socks in the same color can give you so many new coording options for a relatively cheap price tag. This is an other reason that I prefer to have a jsk instead of the op, it just leaves you with so many more options.  

Try finding more accessories in the color palette that you have picked and try to spread out the colors as well as you can. Like having the lavender rosette pin on the top of the jsk makes a world of difference, this one is from EyeCandy. I think coording with yellow and lavender like bellow makes for a really interesting coord! 

Angelic pretty lolita fashion kawaii mintyfrills

//Love Mintyfrills

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