Wednesday, 21 January 2015

10 New Angelic Pretty prints coming in spring~

 Angelic Pretty recently had a fashion show where they showed their full spring collection, many pictures are popping up here and there, from leaked photos to Kera magazines. I though I would make a guide just in case you've missed anything!

1. Parfum
New dress with print designed by Imai Kira, this is a special preorder only dress just like cats teaparty was! It looks amazing and I look forward to seeing people wearing it.

2. Milky Cross
This cross themed print with chiffon overlay is looking stunning. It will be coming out this weekend so gogogo contact your shopping service.

3. Dolly Cat
Good news for you cat lovers! AP will be releasing this cute dress with kittens on it, I really love the purple ribbons on the pink colorway. I wonder what color the ribbons will be on other colorways, it will be cool to see.

4. Wrapping Heart
Print with adorable gift boxes, looking forward to this one!

5. Melty Berry Princess
A new gorgeous strawberry print from Angelic Pretty, seems like they are also releasing a new version of the popular strawberry bag (and there will be and other dress to match my old strawberry bag with!). Mostly rooting for the white colorway, but all red could also be super cute.

 6. Cherry Marguerite 
 Another berry print but this one seems to be more cherries, the colorways look interesting but people are kinda confused of how crosses fit into this theme, just getting into a trend or do we maybe not see the full picture? Exited to see the gingham blouses though!

7. Mirage Castle
Recently these pictures came up from a issue of Kera. A dreamy princess sleeve OP with a matching aristocrat set. I hope the will be selling a boy style set with this and not just have it for the fashion show. I wonder what other colorways it will come in, darker or pastel?

8. Dream Marine
Stunning seashell themed dress, no really clear pictures of this but the cuts of it are looking stunning. The OP has a chiffon overlay and there seems to be a jsk with layers, both super cute.

9. Salon de the' Rose
Another princess sleeve OP, this one with a lovely cake print. It has a pretty sweet/classic feel and I think it would look amazing in mint or sax.

10. Belle Epouqe Rose
There are no clear pictures of this dress yet but it seems to have rocking horses maybe? roses? I guess we will have to wait and see!

I hope you liked this guide to new Angelic Pretty dress! I'm really looking forward to all of them and saving all my money! Thanks for reading.
(print names are just guesses since they are the time of writing not published)

//Love Minty

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