Saturday, 31 January 2015

Feature: Deerstalker Pictures 2

What is Deerstalker Pictures 2? Good question! Its a YouTube channel that makes videos inspired by kawaii culture, ranging from funny skits to educational videos. The videos are made by Technotropism (Director) and Vysanthe (Cinematographer). Here's one of their videos:

Most Lolitas I know watch their videos and I think they have had a positive effect on the international Lolita community. They spend so much time making them and they are really good at it. They have started a Patreon and I think its a great idea, I personally at least want them to keep making videos. They give Lolita fashion a good image and if they get enough they will make a documentary, I for one really want that! So please support them, making videos takes a lot of time and money, even $1 makes a big difference if everyone gives that much. Don't you have that much to spare to get great content related to Lolita and kawaii culture? If you don't then share so that maybe someone else will contribute!

Here is a video where they talk about their Patreon:

//Love Minty

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