Thursday, 22 January 2015

Your princess is in this castle

In the light of Club Nintendo coming to an end I though I would make a series of Nintendo themed outfits for those who feel they want more Nintendo in their life while still being stylish and cute!

I wanted to make a peach look that is a really cute and frilly lolita outfit. I added the blue jewelry to make it look like peach. If this type of look is not for you then just check back, I will be posting a more casual princess peach look soon!

1. Lovely necklace - Angelic Pretty $35
2. Victorian Princess dress - Angelic Pretty $532
5. Abigails Party heels - Irregular Choice $136
6. Heart bag - Angelic Pretty $90
7. Lovely ring - Angelic Pretty $17

(if you wear this coord send it to me or write #mintycoord, and I might feature you!)
//Love Minty

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