Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Shironuri for a fashion show

Recently I wore Shironuri for a fashion show. For clothes I used a bunch of layers, making a kinda cult party kei outfit. I chose a palette that is green, yellow and white. My point that I coorded from is that hat that I'm wearing, I love it a lot since Minori made it. I bought it from her at Haruka-Con. It was so amazing to meet her, she is really nice.
(Minori wearing the same hat)

The hat is pretty big so I needed a big outfit to balance it out. There are a bunch of layers, in the bottom there is a long thin white dress with a lace top over it to get some texture. Over that I have a long sleeve mint cardigan with some fluff and a nice big ribbon. then Over that I'm wearing a blue and a yellow peignoir with a bunch of pins and some flowers pined on it. I'm also wearing a big ribbon around my neck so that I will cover more skin to not have to paint it white, for the same reason I also wear white gloves. So that it gives the impression of me being all white. For the makeup I use white cosplay foundation that I bought in Japan, for this time I had to shave of my eyebrows to put fake ones higher up to make my eyes huge. I felt that I needed something more to make the makeup pop so I painted a small Chelsea smile.

Hope you like my look, thanks for reading.
//Love Minty

(picture of me on stage at the fashion show)

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