Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Berry Babe

Put together this outfit, really nice for a casual feel. I think berries is a great spring theme!
Here are links on where to buy everything in the picture:
1. Cherry Phonecase - Nile Perch $24
2. Strawberry Sweater - Nile Perch $50
3. Strawberry Totebag - Nile Perch $33
6. Babydoll Rosette - Eyecandy $18
7. Whimsical red shoes - Irregular Choice $74
8. Lolita Heart Sunglasses - wildfox $189

Hope you like this type of posts because I'm working on more of them!
(if you wear this coord send it to me or write #mintycoord, and I might feature you!)
//Love Minty

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