Sunday, 17 April 2016

Event: Cherry Blossom Festival

Saturday I was in the fashion show that J-Fashion Sweden organized for the Cherry Blossom Festival! It was so much fun and the official Hello Kitty joined us in the fashion show, which I think was pretty cool! The adorable Agnes presented all the models and was pointing out the importance of just having fun with the fashion styles. <3

To the left is Victoria looking awesome in her Wonder Queen dress that she modified herself. To the right is my outfit, the dress is from Japan LA, I love it so much!! Wearing Fairy Kei is really fun and I was really happy with my outfit.

Here are some more photos from the fashion show, my dear bf was taking photos and had a hard time not getting the back of peoples heads in the photos. But there were still some cute ones.

It was so much fun meeting every ones. Looking forward to seeing all of you again for Japan Loppisen on Friday. I will be in the fashion show then too.

Its fun going to these kinds of events and the cherry blossoms were really pretty.
//Love Mintyfrills

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