Monday, 11 April 2016

Fashion Valentine: Essy Noir

This weeks fashion valentine is lovely Essy Noir! I have followed her on social media for a long time now, I first found her on lookbook and fell in love with her incredibly clean and minimalist sense of style. She really has her own style down and it shows in every photo. And her photos are just amazing! Go follow her on lookbook, instagram and tumblr!

Most of her outfits are monochrome, the sharp contrasting black and white makes for a really graphic and pleasing aesthetic. The color blocking looks really well thought thru. She almost always has big clunky platforms or heals with her outfits. 

She also often wears only white or only black and she manages to keep it interesting by mixing different fabrics and wearing clothes with interesting cuts. With the overly kawaii and over the top cute style I'm used to wearing and seeing its so refreshing to see someone look incredibly cute with this simplicity.

Essy beautifully balances perfectly between cute feminine style and more tough, cool style. Like wearing a black leather jacket and shades balanced out with a little black dress and fluffy, clunky heals.

Sometimes she mixes in other colors and it always looks effortlessly perfect. I also must add that her hair always looks flawless. I think that its important to look for inspiration from people dressing in entirely different styles from yourself to find new ways to express your own fashion. If you just look for new ideas from people similar to yourself you will quickly stagnate. I love Essy's outfits and want to try to take some inspiration from her clean style. Thank you for letting me write about you in my blog and I look forward to seeing more of your outfits.

//Love Mintyfrills

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  1. woooow so beautiful <3
    i love your photos *-*
    kiss from Brasil