Thursday, 18 May 2017

Online Store: Kawaii Honbu

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I've been asked by online store Kawaii Honbu to review a few things from their shop! The sell cute clothing, accessories, plushies and anime merch. They sell a lot of stuff from china, I think its a really good option if you feel like shopping services, taobao and everything like that is a bit complicated. They also offer free worldwide shipping with every order, which makes it easy to order just a few things at the time from them. If you just need one thing shipping can make cheap items expensive. 

mintyfrills, kawaii, plushie, review,
Here are the items from them:

mintyfrills, kawaii, plushie, review,
So I put together an outfit to try them out! The dress if from kokokim, striped socks from Angelic Pretty and necklace from Vivienne Westwood.

mintyfrills, kawaii, plushie, review,
The shoes are pretty comfortable for high heel shoes and they are stable to walk in. The quality feels nice. The plastic part work great for showing off pretty lolita socks. Its a pretty pale shade of pink, I would probably prefer a bit more bright pink but since you can change out the laces that makes them more diverse.
I was very positively surprised by the stockings actually. They are very stretchy both over the legs and in the waist. I often have problems with stockings being uncomfortable over the waist because I'm pretty sensitive and have sensory issues so its a really big deal for me. This also means that I would totally recommend these if you are plus size, they would probably fit comfortably even if you're twice my size. They don't feel fragile either and are soft. The pattern is really cute and doesn't look cheap like many lace style stockings often do.

mintyfrills, kawaii, plushie, review,

The bunny ears are cute but not totally my style. They sit comfortably and are not too tight on your head. One thing that I really did like is that it has lace laying under it which really nicely covers my unbleached roots, which is a plus.
The plush is cute, though its not proper San-x which I think you also can see by the cheap price. Its well made and really soft. So its up to you whats most important! I think some of their stuff is from the brands, you can usually see on the price which is which.

The shop owner is based in England so you can easily message them questions in English. Though the items are sent directly from china, which means if they are from different original sources you might not get everything in the same package. A actually good thing with this is its a lot less likely to get hit by customs fees if you are ordering a lot of stuff. And if you live in London they will also be selling at Hyper Japan this summer!

Photos by: Emma Macintosh

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