Monday, 29 May 2017

Angelic Pretty: Mademoiselle de Paris

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Recently Angelic Pretty released Mademoiselle de Paris, a simple all over print with poodles and crowns. I think they pick good colors for their prints with black details. It always looks Amazing in lavender (Like Cinema Doll or Dolly Dot and many more). Choosing to put red details on the white colorway makes it stand out from the others, I think you could make some interesting coords with it.

This dress is cute but I'm not a huge fan of the general aesthetic, the small dots and thin lines of the black motifs is not my thing. I like big cute chunky designs more. But even if I wouldn't buy it myself I think its pretty and look forward to seeing coords with it!

My favorite colorway is the lavender because I just think black and lavender is a great match.

mintyfrills, kawaii, cute, lolita fashion, sweet lolita,

//Love Mintyfrills

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