Thursday, 5 May 2016

Angelic Pretty: Eternal Carnival

Angelic Pretty has now released Eternal Carnival! This one was one of the ones I've been really looking forward to. The print is really delicate, you have to look close to see all the details. I know some carnival print enthusiasts that will be quite exited about this! I love the little moons and roses. The colorways are really pretty, my first pick would be pink actually because I love how it contrasts to the blue in the print. to me Ivory always feels kinda boring, but I don't like coording with white at all in lolita anymore.

The OP has a bit of a 'grandma collar' going on, I know some people can rock it but its not really for me. The jsk cut above is a bit shorter than the other versions so I think if you are a tall girl avoid it but if you are on the shorter side it might be perfect for you. The jsk cut below looks really cute, the detailed bodice looks nice and full back shirring is always super comfortable. I usually don't like overlays that much, but the way the lace lays over the print looks really neat and there is always the option of wearing the dress without it which makes it more versatile. All the cuts would of been cuter with maybe a bit more trim on the bottom but since the print is pretty busy it still works.

I love this new print and hope I can buy it someday.
//Love Mintyfrills

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