Thursday, 25 August 2016

Angelic Pretty: Astro Regimen

Mintyfrills kawaii sweet lolita fashion cute space military

Angelic Pretty is now releasing Astro Regimen, a mix between space and military themes and it is actually really working. Aside from the quite bad red colorway I actually really like this! I think what makes it is the interesting cuts and how they chose to use the print fabric. They have done many OP's in this style and I think it works nicely with this print. The jsk on the left looks basic at first but still has some interesting details. Like the pentagram straps on the back, its an interesting idea and I wonder how people will work it into coords. The jacket and skirt set is pretty cool, haven't seen them do this with print fabric any time recently.

But by far my favorite is the jsk on the right. The bodice is as simple as it needs to be to not take over from the fabulousness of the rest of the dress. It looks amazing how the printed fabric folds to the side to reveal the tierd skirt under it with fantastic color combo on the fabric and lace. I love that the didn't just let the fabric hang, its folded and sown into place. They made such great choices with how to line the print with the cut of the dress. Its just a really fabulous design and more of this please.

Mintyfrills kawaii sweet lolita fashion cute space militaryMintyfrills kawaii sweet lolita fashion cute space military

//Love Mintyfrills

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