Tuesday, 17 January 2017

❤Weekly Fashion Favorites [2]❤

Second week of my new Weekly Fashion Favorites thing, I really like making these and I love that its just happy and positive. Last weeks post was my most viewed post all week and I'm so happy people like it! Thanks. <3

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Found this really cute outfit from Senca on her lookbook and I just love it! It's super colorful and quirky. I love the bright blue blouse, it contrasts really nicely with the pink knit. The beret and shoes both match the colors great and add to the unique aesthetic. 

mintyfrills, kawaii, cute, sweet, pretty, inspiration,
Here is Charlie looking adorable in Angelic Pretty's Magical Princess, a print that is just adorable and remind me of magic sand castles. Its cute and colorful and super sweet. I really love outfits with two contrasting pastel. Pink and baby blue always looks cute and sticking to just the two colors makes for a really well put together and balanced look. The Styling is also really cute, the hair color looks really pretty with this outfit.

mintyfrills, kawaii, cute, sweet, pretty, inspiration,
Fellow Swedish lolita Agnes (or BowsBeforeBoyss online) is one of my favorite lolitas and fashion inspirations (and just people in general). She is amazing at doing ott sweet lolita outfits and here's another adorable look from her. She is wearing the 2016 lucky pack from Angelic Pretty, the print is called Whip Factory and has lots of super cute cakes. The coat and fur collar makes it look really warm and cozy. I love Angelic Pretty's pony bags, they always make a outfit extra cute. As always she has big hair, wearing a teased up wig from Dream Holic.

mintyfrills, kawaii, cute, sweet, pretty, inspiration,
Aline Kireyeva is a super cool fashionista from Israel who always looks amazing. I just love this look so much! It looks like, yeah I'm adorable but I'm a badass too. I love the silver hair with different lengths and the orange glasses look really pretty together with it. The little touches of pink with the pompom earnings and pink gun phonecase just adds so much to this. Also those shoes look awesome.

mintyfrills, kawaii, cute, sweet, pretty, inspiration,
And last we have Saltje, a lolita and artist from Belgium, wearing this adorable white and cream lolita outfit with cute gold details. The outfit looks perfect for winter and she looks like a snow angel. The gold star bag looks super adorable and I think it really pulls the outfit together. 

This is a new weekly post on my blog, if you want please submit your outfit in this form. Hope you liked this weeks picks! Click here to check out last weeks picks!
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