Friday, 20 January 2017

Royal Princess Alice: Sweet Dreams Fantasia

Mintyfrills kawaii cute pretty lolita fashion kitten space

Royal Princess Alice recently released this tumblrtastic print called Sweet Dreams Fantasia. The print featured white fluffy kitten with unicorn horns and angel wings, for some reason the felt the need to have the word 'Necorn' scribbled over the cats on the print. Other than cats the print has a combo of clouds and space stuff. I think the print is okay, I actually like the pink colorway of the print. I have no idea why this print need crosses, I know a lot of people take issue with religious symbols on lolita and its really overdone.

But again construction of the cuts look cheap and just kinda thrown together. They still haven't figured out how to make nice chiffon ribbons.  The overlay looks cheap since it has no nice lining or lace. Sheer overlays are also last years trend, giving a feel of just following what other brands made a year ago. The bottom of the dress lacks any trims which again makes it look cheap. Also the bodice is so basic. 

Mintyfrills kawaii cute pretty lolita fashion kitten spaceMintyfrills kawaii cute pretty lolita fashion kitten space

Honestly the only thing that makes these dresses look okay is the great styling of the models. They look really cute but it doesn't hide the flaws of the design. I know I'm hard on Royal Princess Alice but since they take the same prices as Angelic Pretty and Btssb I have some expectations of quality. Not their worst but lots of room for improvement.

//Love Mintyfrills

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