Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Outfit: Infanta Strawberry Doll

kawaii sweet cute lolita fashion devilinspired berry

Recently I wore my new Infanta dress that I got from Devilinspired! Its a really cute berry print that is cute enough to compete with Angelic Pretty prints! The fabric and details are a bit lower quality than AP but still looks really nice and the pricetag is also considerably lower. I picked the yellow colorway since I want more things in this color and though I could make some really cute coords with it. In this outfit I matched it with a yellow Metamorphose blouse, my yellow honey cake headbow and cute yellow folded socks from swimmer. To match with the red in the print I have some red hair accessories that I made, a red ring and red shoes from Angelic Pretty. I added the waist ties from my red sweet ribbon strawberry dress as a big bow on my blouse. I love using waist ties from other dresses! The strawberry bag from Angelic Pretty I feel just went with the theme!

kawaii sweet cute lolita fashion devilinspired berry

I really love the strawberry jar, dessert and basket. Its just a really good print design. Another bright side of this brand is that it comes in several sizes! I'm wearing it in size M and its super comfortable. I was just around town with my friend Gabriel getting some crafts materials and I also ordered new glasses, look forward to getting them!

kawaii sweet cute lolita fashion devilinspired berrykawaii sweet cute lolita fashion devilinspired berry

//Love Mintyfrills

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