Sunday, 6 March 2016

Fashion Valentine: Caspian

This weeks fashion valentine is Caspian, the Prince of pastels. He dresses in adorable pastel fairy kei outfits that I simply love! The mix of cool piercings and soft colors makes a really interesting look. Caspian also does really nice youtube videos, be sure to go follow his channel! He also posts outfits on his instagram.

Everything on the outfit is in pastels. The cut of the jacket is more in a tough style but when its in pastels with cute motifs on the back its just super cute. I think more people should wear pants with this kind of style, I wish more boys dared wear pastel colors. And the #boy sweater is awesome! I really like his new shorter hair, it suits him so well.

 With sticking to the same pallet he really has his own style of fairy kei and looks super cool in it. The pastel colored hair really adds to the outfit.

 I love seeing his outfits and he is also super friendly, I hope to meet him someday. I hope he keeps posting his amazing pastel outfits, it inspires me to do more boystyle in pastel colors.

//Love Mintyfrills


  1. WOW that is disrespectful. You say gender is not important... But you use the WRONG gender on Phoenix?

    READ: as I stated in the video, I identify as genderqueer. Which means I don't identify as a boy or a girl, but somewhere in the middle (or simply nowhere at all! ^^). When referring to me, please use they/them pronouns

    1. I understand your concerns but Phoenix said that they is fine with he/him also. Ofc I consider their gender identification. Its nice that you care anyways but things change.~

      later quote from Phoenix: "IMPORTANT I've come to the decision that I'm happy with not just they/them but also he/him pronouns."