Thursday, 4 October 2018

Coord: Cherry Soda

Put together another cute outfit! For this one I was a bit inspired by 50's diners. I started with the super cute jacket from Ayummy, a brand Japanese brand that has a vintage american aesthetic. I liked this coca-cola t-shirt with it and regular t-shirts can be made so much cuter with a high waist skirt. Diners make me think of neon signs so I thought the sunglasses from WC and clear bag from Flapper really give a neon look. Since I already had some red hearts I decided these red heels from Liz Lisa would be a great fit! These frilly black ankle socks from Angelic Pretty help balance the colors and I think dark hair with the red cap would complete this look.

Click on the items for links to each one of them: 

I was streaming a bit while working on this, check out my twitch to watch the vod or to watch future streams!
//Love Mintyfrills

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