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Fashion Vocabulary [1]: Main pieces - part 1

Fashion vocabulary, jsk, op, apron skirt, mintyfrills, angelic pretty, sweet lolita
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I think there's a lot of words used when talking about lolita and other fashions that can be confusing for people who are new to it. I want to make a series of posts to talk about fashion vocabulary. Its starting really simple but later I want to get into talking about different silhouettes, pleats and fabrics. So we all can have a better vocabulary for talking about the fashions we love. In this post I want to start out talking about some main pieces. 
Fashion vocabulary, op, mintyfrills, angelic pretty, sweet lolita
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OP is short for onepiece (not like the anime) but referring to it being a complete main piece that you don't need to wear with a blouse. You can think about the name as how people usually describes men's suits, like a three piece suit. OP's are dresses with sleeves, it can have short or long sleeves. Some have collars and others have rounded necklines. OP's can be perfect for beginners since you don't have to worry about a blouse to wear with it. Though the downside is that they are not as versatile, since varying the blouse is a good way to make more different outfits with the same dress.

Fashion vocabulary, jsk, jumperskirt, mintyfrills, angelic pretty, sweet lolita
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JSK is short for jumperskirt, a sleeveless dress usually worn with a blouse underneath. JSK's are very versatile since they can look very different by switching out what kind of blouse you wear with it.

Fashion vocabulary, apron skirt, mintyfrills, angelic pretty, sweet lolita
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Apron skirts, unlike jumperskirts, are actually skirts. Its a skirt with the added apron part, that can make it easier to coordinate than a regular skirt. Usually the apron part is detachable and can be transformed into a regular skirt. 

I will make a bunch more of these posts so check back soon again!
//Love Mintyfrills

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