Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Mintyfrills Outfit: Diner Doll

mintyfrills, kawaii, sweet lolita, harajuku fashion, angelic pretty, diner doll, outfit, dress
When I edit photos in photoshop I get a bit too into it and end up with this tacky mess of a background, but I love it!  

I recently wore this cute and colorful outfit with my Diner Doll dress from Angelic Pretty. I love how bright and sugary this print is and coording with 3 or more contrasting pastels is my favorite! 

 Diner Doll can be difficult to coordinate because barely any lolita accessories are that bright pink color. If I had a blouse the same shade as the bright pink details that is what I would love to coord this with. Also the colorway is supposed to be Mint but it really is in the no-mans-land between mint and blue, so unless I have the exact shade its going to be difficult to make an outfit with mint or blue. 
mintyfrills, kawaii, sweet lolita, harajuku fashion, angelic pretty, diner doll, outfit, dressmintyfrills, kawaii, sweet lolita, harajuku fashion, angelic pretty, diner doll, outfit, dress

So instead I went with a yellow blouse from Metamorphose, it works better with the dress because the yellow in the print is more pale since its the cake and popcorn etc. I don't have any yellow shoes so matching with pink also felt like a good idea! 
Then at this point its pretty easy, since I have pink shoes yellow socks will contrast and pink tights to add more color. I usually try to match my shoes with my bag so my pink melty chocolate bag felt like it went well both in color and theme. At this point I had a bit too little pink on the top side so I went with one of my common fave tricks and used the waist ties from another dress to make a big bow knot on the blouse. 

mintyfrills, kawaii, sweet lolita, harajuku fashion, angelic pretty, diner doll, outfit, dress

I was picking between some different headbows and felt like this bonnet was best with the whole look. It has a yellow star on the side too which was a great match! Too get some yellow on my head I added these adorable little chicken clips I made for an easter outfit many years ago. It doesn't quite go with the theme, but they are adorable and the color was right! I also had a bow that was pretty close to the color of the dress which was just perfect! And since some people were asking me, I'm not wearing a wig! Its just my hair, I wore two braids overnight and put up part of my hair in high twin tails to get the volume!

Thanks for reading! Hope you like my outfit and my post, please come back soon again for more! <3

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Improved Outfits [2]: Color Coordination - 2 colors

improved outfits, fantastic horoscope, sweet lolita kawaii, cute, mintyfrillsimproved outfits, fantastic horoscope, sweet lolita kawaii, cute, mintyfrills
 So in this post I want to talk a bit about how to put together outfits with two colors. Using the base color of the dress and a color picked from the colors in the print. To balance this type of color coordinate its often good to have shoes in the base color so that you then can wear socks in the accent color to get contrast from the shoes. If the socks or tights are the same color as the dress you end up lumping together the same color and it looks unbalanced. The socks being another color gives a space between the shoes and dress. The blouse will be in the accent color to again be contrasting the dress. most of the accessories too since we already have so much of the base color from the dress itself. wristcuffs in the base color can help break off again after the sleeves and you will probably want either a headbow, some additional bow in your hair, or have your hair be in the base color. Just so You get something of that color in the top section.

improved outfits, fantastic horoscope, sweet lolita kawaii, cute, mintyfrillsimproved outfits, horror candy shop, sweet lolita kawaii, cute, mintyfrills
The Fantastic Horoscope outfit will look very different from the one with Horror Candy Shop. But since both dresses have the same accent colors in the print you can put together the outfit in the exact same way! Coordinating with the accent colors from a print will really make the colors in the print pop a lot more and really nicely compliment your main piece. Its a pretty easy way to figure out what colors would go nicely with a dress, even though you can usually pick any color you like. The important thing to think about is balancing the colors, so that you have all the colors in each section from top to bottom.

improved outfits, horror candy shop, sweet lolita kawaii, cute, mintyfrillsimproved outfits, horror candy shop, sweet lolita kawaii, cute, mintyfrills

I will be doing more posts like this so be sure to check back for that and more!

//Love Mintyfrills

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Coord: Cherry Soda

Put together another cute outfit! For this one I was a bit inspired by 50's diners. I started with the super cute jacket from Ayummy, a brand Japanese brand that has a vintage american aesthetic. I liked this coca-cola t-shirt with it and regular t-shirts can be made so much cuter with a high waist skirt. Diners make me think of neon signs so I thought the sunglasses from WC and clear bag from Flapper really give a neon look. Since I already had some red hearts I decided these red heels from Liz Lisa would be a great fit! These frilly black ankle socks from Angelic Pretty help balance the colors and I think dark hair with the red cap would complete this look.

Click on the items for links to each one of them: 

I was streaming a bit while working on this, check out my twitch to watch the vod or to watch future streams!
//Love Mintyfrills

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Fashion Vocabulary [1]: Main pieces - part 1

Fashion vocabulary, jsk, op, apron skirt, mintyfrills, angelic pretty, sweet lolita
Toy Doll Box, Marine Kingdom, Diner Doll
I think there's a lot of words used when talking about lolita and other fashions that can be confusing for people who are new to it. I want to make a series of posts to talk about fashion vocabulary. Its starting really simple but later I want to get into talking about different silhouettes, pleats and fabrics. So we all can have a better vocabulary for talking about the fashions we love. In this post I want to start out talking about some main pieces. 
Fashion vocabulary, op, mintyfrills, angelic pretty, sweet lolita
Fantastic Carnival, Drink Me, Milky Cross, Lovely Snow
OP is short for onepiece (not like the anime) but referring to it being a complete main piece that you don't need to wear with a blouse. You can think about the name as how people usually describes men's suits, like a three piece suit. OP's are dresses with sleeves, it can have short or long sleeves. Some have collars and others have rounded necklines. OP's can be perfect for beginners since you don't have to worry about a blouse to wear with it. Though the downside is that they are not as versatile, since varying the blouse is a good way to make more different outfits with the same dress.

Fashion vocabulary, jsk, jumperskirt, mintyfrills, angelic pretty, sweet lolita
Romantic Cat, Eternal Carnival, Fantastic Horoscope, Sugary Cross
JSK is short for jumperskirt, a sleeveless dress usually worn with a blouse underneath. JSK's are very versatile since they can look very different by switching out what kind of blouse you wear with it.

Fashion vocabulary, apron skirt, mintyfrills, angelic pretty, sweet lolita
Happiness Easter, Fruits Parlor, Decoration Dream, Magical Etoile
Apron skirts, unlike jumperskirts, are actually skirts. Its a skirt with the added apron part, that can make it easier to coordinate than a regular skirt. Usually the apron part is detachable and can be transformed into a regular skirt. 

I will make a bunch more of these posts so check back soon again!
//Love Mintyfrills

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Angelic Pretty: Drink Me ReRelease

Angelic Pretty are ReReleasing their Drink Me series, a cute dress with an Alice in Wonderland theme. This is such a cute and simple dress, it comes in really soft shades of blue and pink.

angelic pretty, drink me, rerelease, mintyfrills, lolita fashion, sweet lolita, kawaii,

 I always love scallop details and its cute how they mix scallops and melted details. It also has some cute beads that look like water drops. Since the dress is quite simple and only one color they use different textures to keep it interesting. With the pearly silk fabric along with the sheer striped trim and sheer melting parts. I love the 'drink me' tag on the jsk, I wish they would have it on the OP too instead of just having 'drink me' on the bodice. The jsk had full shirring and adjustable straps which should make a pretty comfortable fit even though I know not everyone likes the empire waist.

All in all this is a cute dress.~
//Love Mintyfrills

Friday, 21 September 2018

Improved Outfits [1]: Color Coordination - 1 Base color

There are many ways of putting together a lolita outfit and I want to talk about some different ways of  coordinating colors. Lets start simple with some looks at how to match with the base color of the main piece. 
sweet lolita, pink, kawaii, cute, mintyfrills,
I think many start with wearing a neutral white blouse to go with pastel colors. Though I think going with all pink with a pink dress makes for a much cuter outfit. You could also make it more interesting by matching with a different shade of the same color, but lets talk more about that in a future post! While doing this type of outfit I would favor ankle socks over otk socks since your legs break off the color scheme. If you don't like bare legs I would suggest thin white stockings with the pink outfit and black fishnets with the black one.

horror candy shop, halloween, cute, angelic pretty, mintyfrills
Even though this dress is in the grey colorway you can choice to treat black as the base color since it has the black ribbons and a lot of black in the print. Even though I would love a coord using this dark grey as the base and black as the accent, its hard to find items in this kind of grey from Angelic Pretty. Even though light grey has become more prevalent in many collections. 

In the next guide I will go into how to do outfits with more colors! 

//Love Mintyfrills

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Coord: Sugary Dreams

I put together this sweet and dreamy outfit that I think would be really comfortable. The heart of this look is the amazing printed T-shirt from Oceans in Space.
sugary dreams, oceans in space, WC, skinnydip, yru, mintyfrills, spank!

So using the t-shirt as a starting point this print has both lavender and pink, so I decided to match with those two! Since the base is mostly lavender I want the colors beside it to be pink. A light baby pink for the pants and cap, and a bubblegum pink for the coat. The cap is from Fig & Viper, the fluffy coat from WC and the pants are from Spank! 

Then matched with lavender accessories, I think the iridescent look of the bag and shoes help give it a bit of an vaporwave aesthetic. The bag is from KOL ME BABY, shoes from YRU and sunglasses from Skinnydip.

Click each picture below for shop links to each item.

Mintyfrills, sugary dreams, yume kawaii, cute, fig & viper,Mintyfrills, sugary dreams, yume kawaii, cute, WC

Mintyfrills, sugary dreams, yume kawaii, cute, Oceans in SpaceMintyfrills, sugary dreams, yume kawaii, cute, spank!Mintyfrills, sugary dreams, yume kawaii, cute, skinnydip
Mintyfrills, sugary dreams, yume kawaii, cute, kol me baby,Mintyfrills, sugary dreams, yume kawaii, cute, yru
 You could potentially finish off this look perfectly with a mint green wig and of course some more accessories!

//Love Mintyfrills