Thursday, 28 January 2021

Lemon Honey: Summer Parfait

Summer Parfait - Lemon Honey sweet lolita print dress

I wanted to share some dresses that are not from Angelic Pretty so here's the super cute print series Summer Parfait from the brand Lemon Honey. This lovely dress comes as both an OP and a JSK. Lemon Honey is a Chinese brand that sells their clothes on taobao. The make a lot of really cute prints!

Summer Parfait - Lemon Honey

This dress has a really cute border print with a dessert drink theme. The drinks reminds me of really cute ones you can get at some Japanese themed caf├ęs. The art style looks a bit like watercolor and has a lot of details. I like that the print has a kind of scalloped design, you can see it much more clearly on the navy colorway. But the effect is lost by the print not being perfectly aligned with the bottom of the dress. This not being as visual on the blue colorway also makes the misalignment less obvious. Considering the price I think the pattern not being perfect is acceptable to be honest. The scalloped lace trim is really nice, it makes a nice edge of the dress before the frilled longer trim. 

Summer Parfait - Lemon Honey kawaii cute sweet lolita print dress

The OP has half shirring and the jsk has full shirring, looks really comfortable! They also come in different size options making them fit a wide range of sizes. I think both colorways are really cute, the blue one is more pastel, but the navy has a brighter print with the contrast. I would really recommend this brand if you are looking for really cute original prints for a lower price and with more sizing options. They release a lot of really pretty print series.

Summer Parfait - Lemon Honey

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you would like me to feature more different brands on my blog.

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