Friday, 21 September 2018

Improved Outfits [1]: Color Coordination - 1 Base color

There are many ways of putting together a lolita outfit and I want to talk about some different ways of  coordinating colors. Lets start simple with some looks at how to match with the base color of the main piece. 
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I think many start with wearing a neutral white blouse to go with pastel colors. Though I think going with all pink with a pink dress makes for a much cuter outfit. You could also make it more interesting by matching with a different shade of the same color, but lets talk more about that in a future post! While doing this type of outfit I would favor ankle socks over otk socks since your legs break off the color scheme. If you don't like bare legs I would suggest thin white stockings with the pink outfit and black fishnets with the black one.

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Even though this dress is in the grey colorway you can choice to treat black as the base color since it has the black ribbons and a lot of black in the print. Even though I would love a coord using this dark grey as the base and black as the accent, its hard to find items in this kind of grey from Angelic Pretty. Even though light grey has become more prevalent in many collections. 

In the next guide I will go into how to do outfits with more colors! 

//Love Mintyfrills

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