Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Angelic Pretty: Lovely Bathroom

angelic pretty, lovely bathroom, yume kawaii, mintyfrills, sweet lolita
If you know anything about my current fave aesthetic you can probably guess that I love the new print series from Angelic Pretty called 'Lovely Bathroom'. I love yume kawaii (dreamy cute) aesthetic and this definitely falls into that category. The 'bathtime' theme really goes well with it since things like pajamas are also super yume kawaii. I would love to have this dress and do outfits with the accessories I made to go with the bubblebath dress from Metamorphose.

angelic pretty, lovely bathroom, yume kawaii, mintyfrills, sweet lolita
I think both cuts and the choices of colorways perfectly compliment the theme. They also look really comfy. Though I know not everyone likes this style of empire waist of tent style no waist cuts, I think it does suit this dress. I adore that the print is two contrasting pastel colors since that is how I love to coord outfits. Two or Three (or why not more?) contrasting pastels is totally my cup of tea. This type of colorways makes it easy to put together an outfit with the two colors from the print or by adding a third color and accessorizing with the two colors from the print.

I think this might be one of my favorite releases this year! This dress will be available for preorder at the Angelic Pretty shop in Tokyo this Saturday! (September 15) Still having fun making these graphics, really hope you like them since I put a lot of time into them!

If you like super sweet dresses but more into indie brands check out my blog post about this cute dress!

//Love Mintyfrills

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